Is this a Pale Rose or Calcaire Purse?

  1. I'm pretty sure it's Pale Rose because my Calcaire wasn't that pink at all.

    Whenever I see them I try to figure it out.
    rose purse.jpg
  2. Looks like the 06 Vieux Rose to me.
  3. i think it looks like the 06 rose too
  4. :yes: 06' rose.
  5. Yup rose. The calcaire is more white than pink. Unless you go looking for it, you can't even notice the pink undertone.
  6. I agree 06' rose.
  7. I know ;) I just sold my Calcaire First.

  8. I wish I knew, I would have bought it up =)

    My calcaire first was ruined because my shirt bled onto it. I would love to purchase a second one. It's such a gorgeous color.