Is this a good price?

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  1. I decided to go ahead and buy the bag. I know that Jomashop sells authentic items, but I will get it authenticated once I receive it.
  2. that's a great price. i find that jomashop has some of the lowest prices in general.
  3. I never ordered from them before, but I know that they are recommended here. I'm hoping that I like the quality of the bag and that they package it well before shipping. They have a good return policy, so I figured I was safe.

    Does anybody know if this bag is in the outlets already? I'm surprised that Jomashop sell bags that are still on the Guccci website.
  4. They have the leather version at the outlets. I believe San Marcos has the black leather new britt tote available as well as the hobo in black leather.
  5. Flipchickmc - do you know how much the leather version is at the outlets?
  6. The small leather one is 429.00 I belive. I like this better. The leather is so thin on the other.
  7. I got the bag in the mail, but it looks very flimsy to me. The material seems very thin and was very wrinkled in the front, and it just doesn't seem like it lays right.

    I contacted Jomashop, and I'm waiting for a return authorization. I didn't realize that because it was free shipping, they will deduct the shipping cost from my return, and I have to pay for return shipping. I just don't think that's right, so I don't think I will every order from them again - especially because the bag just didn't look right to me.
  8. I really wouldn't risk buying Guccis from non-boutiques, as all of my Gucci bags I have purchased them personally from the boutique(tolerated at times the poor attitude of the Gucci SAs just to be sure I'm getting absolute Authentic favourite bag), reason as I observed, there are many fakes around in the market and can be spotted easily especially if you are a Gucci fan with many (I am a Gucci crazzee) Guccis.

    By the way, quality of Gucci handbags are not really excellent, I fell in love with Guccis mostly due to the designs. But because I own so many of these Gucci handbags, I can tell you each piece can be very different, and may not necessary be authenticity issue but an issue of quality. Best way is to post pictures to authenticate to be sure.

    Hope the best for you...
  9. Thanks for your input. I think it's hard to know if you really like a bag until you see it in person. Of course, the fact that the material was all wrinkled in the front of the bag, didn't help!