Is this a chargeback issue and how do i do it?

  1. Ok so I ordered a primp bunny thermal off of eBay. Authentic no problem and a GREAT cheap deal (like $25 w/ shipping)- BUT there is a stain at the bottom that wasn't talked about or in any pictures and over the left boob areas all the way down one of the thermals is stretched so it looks like a line running all the way down the shirt. Obvious. I emailed the seller twice about this and she hasn't answered. I'm not even being unreasonable! I don't need to return it, just give me some of my money back (like shipping or something...kind of like the 10% off a store would give me!). She didn't talk about it in the description and it wasn't shown in ANY of the pictures.... I"m peeved. What should I do?

    I feel bad bc I DID get a great deal...but I was deceived!
  2. File a Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) dispute with PayPal...this will get the seller communicating. Just state the facts in your dispute, no rants or name calling.

    I wouldn't think it is quite time for a chargeback on the credit card until you let the dispute run its course.

    Good luck!
  3. Yes, for that amount of money is better to go with PayPal. File the snad and state your side. the seller can agree there to a partial refund. Good luck!
  4. thanks! I am going to do that with paypal. I hate to be one of those annoying buyers, it's just that I was disappointed and can't seem to find the primp bunny thermals in the store anymore to buy it new!
  5. You know, it really has nothing to do with being annoying or not, the fact is that you were not told about damage to the item that you purchased. I agree, a store would give you 10% off, this seller should at least answer your email!
  6. thanks everyone, filing with paypal- i'll let you know how it turns out (paypal is famous for siding with buyers, right? Let's see if it hold true!) :s
  7. :tup: Good luck!
  8. I hope she gets back to you so that you can work it out. I looked at the pictures to what I believe is the auction you won. I wanted to see if the photos showed the flaws. I can see a line running down the left side. If you click on the third scrolling picture, it looks like a white line running all the way down as you mentioned. If that's the case, the seller should've mentioned it -no doubt.

    But it looks like you paid $12.00 for shipping. If that is what you actually paid, she may think you are asking for too much $$ back and request that you return the thermal instead since it sold for only $20.50. I would email her again with a specific partial refund amount that you believe is fair and see what she says. If she doesn't respond, file a SNAD claim.

    Good luck! Cute thermal by the way!
  9. Re-looked at the auction (how'd you find my auction BTW?) and I see what you mean- I def. would not have noticed that however- the only reason I saw that was b/c I was looking for it! I did pay $12 shipping- which was obviously over paid. Still no answer. I am giving her until tom. before I file with paypal. I had asked her a question during the auction and she promptly answered- so I have a feeling she is just ignoring me! The stain isn't evident in any of the pictures. I'll keep you updated. This just reaffirms that "do not buy used on eBay" thought I always carry!
  10. Well, I hope she gets back with you soon. The auction was pretty easy to find. I just looked up completed auctions for primp bunny thermals and narrowed it down from there. Good luck getting it straightened out!:yes:
  11. well good news, she got back to me and offered me $10 back, which I agreed to. :smile:
  12. It's always nice to reach an agreeable solution between buyer and seller. I hope you love your bunny top. It's cute.
  13. thanks! Love anything bunny! Now just waiting for her to actually DO the refund....
  14. It may take a few days just for the refund to process via Paypal. I had DHL lose a bag that I'd shipped for a week back in December. Thank goodness, they eventually found it, but I refunded shipping to my buyer since she had paid for 2-day shipping that took a week. I was watching that refund sit there as pending for several days. So, give your seller some time, she may have submitted the refund, but it might not get to you till the end of the week, especially with today being a bank holiday.
  15. Update! I was refunded the $10! The goodness of ebay is (partially) restored :smile: