Is this a Bella or Bella Bella?

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  1. Just bought a tan PG bag off ebay earlier today. :yahoo:I really hope that it's not an impulse buy just because I want it so badly :drool: and this print is so hard to come by.

    I need some help here to tell me if this is a bella or bella bella. From the size of the print, it looks more like a bella bella to me. But the seller was selling it as a bella and even gave the dimensions of a bella.

    BTW, it cost me almost an arm and a leg but I do believe it is still lower than retail here in Singapore if it is a bella bella (Haha! I am still trying to rationalise the splurge!)

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  2. I am not sure, but it does kinda look fatter from top to bottom than a regular bella...and the blue haired girl repeats...hmm. Does look like a bella bella to me, but without the two side by side I really can't tell :sad:

    Btw, it is really nice. I like the print you you mind me asking how much you paid? Since you said you paid so much lol..just curious :biggrin:
  3. mytokiluv: wow! gorgeous print placement on the PG tan! :tup: congrats!! you finally got a PG tan you've always wanted. lovely... if i were to get a PG tan bella/bella bella, i couldn't have chosen a better placement than this... now i'm drooling over your bag :drool:

    as for your question, i don't own a bella or bella bella myself, so i probably ain't much help here. but if you take a close look at TokidokiAngel's post here, i think your bag seems to resemble more of a bella than bella bella (cuz bella bella seems longer). but then, i could be wrong... it's quite hard to tell just by seeing the bag alone. either way, it's a great find... congrats!!

    ehem... i see your collection is truly growing "exponentially"... lol :lol:
  4. that looks like a bella to me? :shrugs: I think someone here sold that :P ..I was looking at as well though Im looking for a bb..congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. I think it is a bella too. The strap doesn't look that long.
  6. wait for the product to arrive, check the measurements, and see if they match up to the ones posted in lambfashionista's bag archive :smile:

    it's pretty hard to judge from the pics because the bella and bellabella look exactly alike (size notwithstanding)
    according to the bag archive measurements, it says that the bellabella is only 2.5" longer than the bella, which is pretty hard to detect if we're looking at a photo with only one of them in it
  7. It looks like a bella to me. Looking at my bella bella, I agree the straps don't look long enough.
  8. Yeahh ok I see it now that the straps aren't long enough and it seems too skinny side to side...but why does it look so long from top to bottom? IDK lol........maybe its my eyes lol.
  9. I was going to say bella bella because the front looks so big .. but I really don't know?

    All I know is I love how you have Bastardino on the back!! I wish he was on the back of mine instead of like a piece of him .. lol :biggrin:
  10. I had actually done a little bit of "analysis" myself. HeeHee! :P I found a picture of a PG bella posted in one of the threads here (it was selling on ebay sometime ago) and also another photo of Julicrystal's PG Bella Bella (Julicrystal : I hope you don't mind me using a pic of your bag here as a reference:smile:). So I did some comparison of the prints and thank goodness the 3 bags have more or less similar placements.

    As a reference point, I used the "standing girl who is turning around as she is about the same position on all 3 bags. The Bella only shows half of this "standing girl". On Julicrystals's BB, there is also half of this "standing girl" but there is lot more print "above her" on the BB. And then on the bag which I bought, I have the "standing girl" in full height. ;)

    I also compared the length of the straps of both the bella and Julicrystal's BB and it looks about the same to me.

    So, what do you think?:confused1:

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  11. Thanks, everyone, for trying to help me figure this out. :smile:

    It's got great placement, doesn't it? That's why I paid US$175 (excl shipping) for it. It's a crazy price, I know.:nuts:Please, please tell me that I didn't do something stupid for paying so much!

    Thanks! Yes, finally I found a tan PG. :yes: This will end my search...for now. Think I'd better impose a self-ban now so that my wallet can take a breather.:s
  12. ok I'm gonna lean toward bella bella ... lol

    lmao I would have loved it if the one I got was advertised as a bella but ended up being a bella bella :biggrin:
  13. Oh lucky you! Looks like it's a bella bella then :yes:
    My search for a reasonably priced playground toki continues...
  14. Thanks crazygirl, for reminding me of TokidokiAngel's recent post of her PG Bella. I have also put that next to the other 3 bags to have a comparison. (TokidokiAngel: hope you don't mind me using a pic of your bag for reference here.:smile:) In TokidokiAngel's Bella, the "standing girl"s head is cut off. Hmmm....

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  15. lol yup I have 2 girls on front with no heads :biggrin: but I have nero's head in full view ... haha