Is this 40mm Rolex too big on me?

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    What is your problem? First, I removed all the removable links and not the permanent ones. And even if I did, what is it to you? If you don’t like the look, don’t buy one! Tons of chic women wear one... petite and large frame. Google and see photos. No such thing as a bad looking Daytona! Oversized is in!

    I love mine!!! And here you go.. a photo of my beloved watch!

    View attachment 4166324
  2. I’ve had mine 8 years and that was after being on the waiting list for 2 years! Amazing huh? My husband has the two-tone and he only had to wait 2-3 months as I recall as the two-tone is not as popular. Since you got yours the about the same time as mine, isn’t the price increase crazy? When I put my name down on the waitlist and by the time I got it, there was a 30% price increase, and today... even after being discontinued, the price keeps going up.

    I do think it’s because a lot of people still prefer the clean look of the stainless bezel and not the black ceramic one. I was so tempted to get the new one but when I saw it, it was just not feminine enough for me. It looked more like the Submariner vibe (another watch I would love to wear but that one doesn’t work for me due to the black bezel also).

    I am like you too! Can’t imagine wearing another watch! And I have actually looked at new options but I love the Daytona the most even though I beat mine up and chipped the crystal... twice! [emoji51]
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  3. Trying again...

  4. What made you think I was addressing you? I didn’t quote you or refer to your comments, did I? No. I was speaking to the thread topic and in passing referred to the reality that some women do remove permanent links, which is mighty extreme.
  5. Just saw your it! I need to learn how to upload. Yes, the price increases are nuts, but of course beneficial for us. Which dial does your hubby have on his TT?

    I was able to see and try on both dial colors on the newer ceramic versions, but they truly were disappointing. In my opinion, Rolex ruined the watch by adding that heavy looking bezel. Totally loses it’s class and sophistication. Anyway, we all like different things I suppose. I owned a Sub for several years and still like them (hubby wears one), but tastes change, and after acquiring my Daytona I was done....sold others and have been happiest with it! I do dream of the all rose gold one with ivory dial though! LOL! Absolutely stunning in person. In the meantime I’m thrilled with what I have! I know how very fortunate I am!
  6. Hubby has the two-tone Daytona with black dial. It’s his favorite watch now, but it was not so. I love the Submariner but the bezel just doesn’t work for me. I’ve seen ladies wear one and it looks fabulous. I bet you looked great with it. Anyway, hubby wore a Submariner for the longest time. I get my Daytona and say to him that he should get a Daytona also. He says no, he loves his Sub and he doesn’t want another stainless. So... I surprise him with a two-tone Daytona, black dial, and now he doesn’t even wear his Sub anymore. I bet your husband might love a Daytona too.

    On the Rose gold, ooohhh... that is such a beautiful watch. I tried it on and for that watch, I love it with the Rose and black panda dial. The Rose gold is already soooo feminine, so the busy panda dial seems to work for me and it’s still not too much. I was so tempted to get it but I am not a pink metal person. I really only do white metals so that watch wouldn’t really work for me. If you do other color metals, I think the Daytona in Rose gold is gorgeous and will be a classic. I’m sure you know this, but the Rose gold is Everose which was created by Rolex and the Rose will not change color. I recall the SA saying they added platinum to gold and copper mix, and the platinum is what holds the copper to staying pink (my laymen description here).

    It is a beautiful watch and I hope you get one someday. Please post a pic of your Daytona! I would love to see it!

    I hope the OP will be inspired to see all the ladies with Daytonas and join the Daytona club. [emoji3]
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  7. The ss version with white dial looks beautiful! I agree that the newer versions with ceramic black bezels are a bit manly for women. Wish they didn’t discontinue yours!
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  8. Could you post a modeling pic of your watch? I am also in love with the Daytona oysterflex. Love rubber watches on women!
  9. My husband would love a Daytona too I think! One day. He’s had his Submariner for almost 11 years! As for the RG Daytona, I know the dial you’re referring too (pink w/black subdials) and it’s lovely too! I’m a sucker for rose gold and do have some rose gold jewelry. I love all the metals and mix some. Yes, the Everose has quite the history....would certainly love to own a piece one day!

    Will try read about how to post a pic here! We need a Daytona club! Ha
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