Is this 40mm Rolex too big on me?

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  1. Hi ladies! I’m looking for a sporty Rolex and the daytona (which I love) only comes in a 40mm. As much as I love this watch, I have thinner wrists and wouldn’t want anything to look awkwardly big. Went shopping today and took a couple photos...

    Honest opinions and thoughts?



  2. Yes, too big
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  3. I think it’s too big.
  4. Lovely watch, but I think it's too big on your slim wrist.
  5. Yes. I work in a jewelry store and can assure you that this watch is mostly worn by those with larger wrists.
  6. Thank you ladies! I really wanted this watch but needed a non-biased look at it. Thx!!
  7. The second one is really nice.
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  8. IMHO, the 40 is too large for your wrist. I wear a 35mm yacht master and love that size. I that the YM is also considered a sporty Rolex.
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  9. Most Ladies who where big watch that I’ve seen they have skinny wrist like your. And I don’t think they wear big watch because it’s trendy or anything But because they are actually do love those watches. Daytona, Submarine, Audemars Piguet, ...
    If you love Daytona and you’re comfortable wearing it, why not :smile: It’s sought after watch. Most store you have to be on a waiting list.

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    100% too big. The lugs extend beyond the top of your wrist...totally wrong.

    Too much money to waste on a strictly fad look, rather than paying attention to actual watch wearing aesthetics and functionality.

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  12. Thanks, you don’t think it’s too big?
  13. I agree! A lot more women would buy them if it came in a 36! Or even 38!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Way too big, looks like you are wearing your older brother's watch-buy something that shows off your nice sized wrists.
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