Is this 40mm Rolex too big on me?

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  1. I agree it's on the side of big on your small dainty wrists but it seems like you really like the watch. And I agree with uhpharm01, the second one is especially nice.

    Will this be your first Rolex, do you already own another Rolex (maybe smaller) or similar brand in a smaller size? Is your style more casual than dressy? For instance I probably wouldn't wear this size for work or a dressier event but if you dress it down it may work. Do what you think works for your lifestyle and what rounds out your overall collection.

    And as some of the other ladies said, maybe try the YM or another "sportier" style.
  2. What is your wrist size?
  3. My Submarine is in size 40 and I love it and also love the Daytona serie. I think we have similar wrist size. I do not know how tall you are but I am 180cm and around 60kg. And it fits me perfectly. I think the size of your watch should fit your whole frame not just the wrist. If you are small then it would properly to big for your frame but if you are tall it would not that big on you.... Let us know for which one you have decided!!
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  4. Tha person in the Instagram post is a total hypocrite! Talking about not being concerned with “worthiness” yet flaunting status symbols! Her Daytona is too big, too! It’s just a silly look.
  5. I would agree, 40mm is too big, maybe look into 35mm instead.
  6. No, but that's just my personal opinion. I like larger watches.
  7. I wear a deepsea on rubber strap and I think it looks good. I'm only 5'2 and have a small wrist.
    I think it the watch has to go with your overall 'look'. I'm always in casual t-shirt and jeans and the rubber strap kinda matches that casual look.
    The other thing is I'm used to wearing big watches e.g. deepsea and Pam 312.
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  8. It’s all about how YOU feel wearing the watch. I’ve worn a stainless Daytona for 9 years now and adore it! I wear it for me, as I’ve been an avid watch hobbyist since I was a young girl. I’ve owned MANY men’s models over the years. They’re simply my preference. I do happen to receive many compliments but that’s just a bonus. I really could care less who notices my watch. By the way, I’m 5’6.
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  9. I do think it looks a tad big. I've run into the same problem as I adore men's watches, but have a small wrist (5" circumference). That said, I'm able to wear a Daytona--it's 40mm, but wears small due to its case :smile:
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  10. I think the dial does not look good on you. I have a small wrist and I am petite. I wear a Stainless Daytona with a white dial. It is clean, chic, and makes a nice statement. I get SO many compliments on it from those who know about a Daytona. A few gentlemen even said to me “that watch looks great on your frame, you wear it well”.

    I say get a Daytona, I love this watch and waited two years back then for the SS White dial. I would suggest a different dial. To me, the dial makes it really manly looking and it does not look good on you. A white dial is much chicer.

    I think the bold watch, bold jewelry looks great on petite ladies. A very confident look.

    Just my two cents. Good luck!

    Oh, and by the way, I wear it loose like a bracelet watch. All the links are removed (as much as they can), and there is still a little room for a nice swing, like a bracelet. I love it.
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  11. Awesome! I’ve had my stainless white Daytona for 9 years now and adore it. Also get tons of compliments which is nice but I certainly wear it for me. What do you think of the new ceramic ones? I much prefer ours....classy and chic! Cheers!
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  12. Me too! I was going to purchase the new one, but then I saw the black ceramic dial and no way, too manly for me and not a good look.

    I agree with you! I love our stainless one with the white dial! It is a classic! And totally agree... that stainless white combo rocks... so classy and chic at the same time!
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  13. How long have you had yours? Amazing how they’ve gone up so much in value since discontinued. Can’t ever imagine parting with it.
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    There's a difference between a Daytona fitting someone and looking great vs. a rank, awful look with it, like having to remove ALL the links, including the permanent ones, for fit. Or the lugs extending beyond the top of the wrist bone. Well, hopefully these responses will offer OP some guidance.

    Flavor Flav wore a pie-sized clock for a necklace, so anything goes I guess.
  15. To each his/her own.....I certainly didn’t have to go to extreme measures for my Daytona to fit. And I still have a somewhat dainty wrist.
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