Is there such a thing as

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  1. A tattersall Audrey? I just saw one while eating out. The tatersall was in the exterior bag.
  2. Yeah, it's called a wanna-be Coach... a foach :0
  3. :true:
  4. Lmao I knew it wasn't real! I have never seen such an ugly bag
  5. omg i saw a couple of these on peoples arms while shopping around at the outlets... there arms were piled with outlet bags to purchase, and then their actual pocketbook was the fake... i dont undrestand it!
  6. Eww... just sounds so bad!
  7. I have seen those and as Bunny said it is FAKE....

    But Coach needs to start working with Tattersall again.. I would love them to make a bag like the Tattersall on the outside like the Heritage Stripe Tote..
  8. what kills me more is when they come into the boutique with them and complain how much real bags cost.