Is there such a thing as pink or white eye liner?

  1. Anyone know if there is such a thing? Can anyone recommend a brand? I love pink eye shadow (my skin is really pale and my hair is blond). I think a pink or white eye liner would look awesome if there is such a thing.
  2. i know for a fact that estee lauder makes a pink-ish mauvey eyeliner since i purchased one years ago

    as for white eye liner, tons of brands make this, as many people use it to make their eyes look larger/whiter/more alert. i'll be back with a few product recs in a few :tup:.
  3. Thanks so much! :flowers:I'm so used to my greyish-blue eye liner that I didn't know where to even begin looking for something new.
  4. here's a white eyeliner form korres that new york magazine reviewed 2 years back:


    "Here’s an easy way to score a runway look: take Korres’s violet white pencil; trace the line of your entire eye (creases and all); smudge up and out. It’s a 60-second way to copy the style from Chanel’s latest show, where mod models paired huge, white eyes with chic, black dresses and killer attitude. Any white eyeliner gets the look, but I like this new stuff from Korres the best. It’s easy to apply, looks great on any skin tone, and costs a mere $15—so you can save your money for that real Chanel dress."
  5. okay my last post before i get back to studying:

    benefit's Mr. Frosty


    and this makeup forever pencil comes in both white and fuschia (which may be a little too bright IMO)


    all available from sephora! :flowers:
  6. I'm pretty sure MAC will do a pink and white eyeliner.
  7. I have a white one from YSL. In high school I had crazy colored liners from MAC and Wet n Wild.
    I think most make a white liner.
  8. benefit mr. frosty is fantastic! It goes on really soft and really brightens up your eyes.
  9. MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating should do the trick! It's the perfect white eye pencil!
  10. I have white eyeliner pencil from Victoria's Secret and I love it! I line my lower eyelid all the time with it
  11. I have a white liner pencil from MAC, and I also have a natural eyelighter-type pencil from Mally...basically the same as that Cargo version with a pencil on one end and powder on the other.
  12. i really recommend the Make Up Forever eyeliner that a previous poster mentioned - i have a bright silver one from them that i use to line the inside of my lower lid and it makes my eyes look *huge*
  13. No specific rec here, but most brands will carry a white eyeliner. You might wanna look into MAC, or if you want cheaper, Wet n Wild.
  14. Yes, in the Guerlain for Pucci eye kit there are both the pink eyeshadow and the white hi-lighter pencil for eyes.