Is there here also an authetice this tread?

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  1. I am from your neigbourh forum Balenciaga.
    But i love also Hermses and the i found this bag on e-bay and in my neigbourhood.
    Can some one please tell me if this is authentic???????????
    Thanx FX:heart:
  2. This is the link sorry
  3. hi, and welcome! yes, we have an authentication thread -- click the link above these threads for the 'hermes shopping' subforum and you will see it there.

    as for this bag, it's a counterfeit.
  4. I did think so but thank U for helping.
    It was to cheap to be true i think and in the other way i don`t know if the birkin is the right bag for a men, but some people do think that also about Balenciaga. But i don`t mind and don`t care as long as i love them till death.

    Thanx and Hugs FX:heart:
  5. hi fxvanleeuwen
    i'm a guy and i use a range of balenciaga bags from weekender, work or some limited edition that i bought from Paris.
    But i also believe the bigger size like 40cm in Birkin, Haut a Courroie or even Kelly are great pieces for guy.
    i use my 40cm birkins nearly every single day, think they are great pieces to invest.
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Not open for further replies.