Is there anything to worry about with selling on Ebay?

  1. I posted this in one of my other threads but thought it might get answered quicker on it's own.

    I just sold my Carlotta Clutch on eBay:
    no one is permitted to post thier auctions or eBay ID.

    The person hasn't paid or anything yet, but i mean, it was only this morning.

    Is there anything I should worry about selling to a person with 0 feedback so far? It's quite a valuable purse, and I would hate if I got scammed in some sort way. I've just never sold to anyone with no feedback before, nor an item this expensive, so I want to know if there's anything I should be worried about.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Katie....I hope all goes well, but you know what makes me suspicious? There is another Carlotta clutch on eBay that would have ended after yours and now with yours gone, it has no competition.

    Zero feedback is so scary. You know where I would go to for advice? The eBay thread! There are a lot of sellers on there with great advice! Especially for something so pricey. You don't want to lose your bag and your money which can happen. :sad:

    But IMO, I'll be surprised if you ever hear from your "buyer". I hope I'm wrong, but with the other clutch listed, I don't know.....
  3. AsianKatie I will say that in my past experience with selling bags and other larger dollar amount items on ebay, I have always been VERY fortunate and have never had a buyer back out. I worry at times, because when I bid/buy items, I pay immediately, but some people wait a day or two, but they have always completed the transaction. Give it a couple of days and if you have not sent an invoice, do so ASAP.

    If you receive a check/MO, be 100% sure it has cleared prior to shipping the item as I have heard horror stories about MO as well. Also, w/ PP be sure if the funds are deposited in your account, move it to your bank account immediately before you ship. That is another thing I have heard (buyer makes some kind of bogus claim and PP grabs the money back).

    Just be sure to keep all documentation in regards to the transaction!

    Good Luck!
  4. Did your buyer pay yet? I hope so! I get freaked out too when buy it now items are not paid for right away. I thought that's what "buy it now" meant. I guess you have to do something different with the listing to make sure they pay immediately.
    I've been lucky as well with people paying, but I havn't had a zero fb bidder buy an expensive item yet.
  5. I've been wondering also. I've never had a deadbeat buyer before, so I'm lucky. But I have had several deadbeat sellers, :cursing: that have cooked up some preposterous stories. Each time I filed a dispute with eBay/Paypal, it was resolved in my favor. I usually give my buyer's 3 days to get in touch with me, and then 7 for payment to be made. I notice that some sellers specify "immediate payment required."

    Oh, and BTW, I saw an ugly Choo inspired clutch that looked similar to the beautiful Carlotta. I look it up and post back on this thread. It was laughable.
  6. One of the things that I've started doing is with the buy it now, ask for immediate payment, so if someone uses the buy it now, they have to pay right then. I had a situation where someone purchased a MJ bag with the buy it now, but never paid.
  7. When you set up an auction with a BIN or "Best offer" you can select the option of making an immediate payment required as part of the listing. I think if it is not paid for immediately, the listing stays active.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Thanks Robyn. Now I know to do that next time.
  9. You might as well relax and sit tight because you can't file NPB until a week has passed. I'm dealing with the same thing with a zero FB bidder. I hate to say it but more often than not, my NPBs are the ones with zero feedback.

    If she does pay you, make sure you send the item insured and require a signature. That way if anything does happen you're covered. Pay for insurance no matter what -- even if the buyer doesn't elect to pay for it herself. For a few bucks it's worth the peace of mind.
  10. Sorry I never responded to this..

    heres what happened:

    I got kinda freaked out and got her phone number from ebay. i called her and talked to her, she paid me the next day and all was good.

    WEEEE! awesome!