Is there any way to tell

  1. Hi, my friends dog might be pregnant but she is a first time dog owner and cant really tell, she thinks it may be because the dog has put on alot of weight at the moment. Its seems pretty weird because its mostly on the stomach.

    She thinks the dog next door did it :rolleyes: but then again she thinks a horse mounted the dog. So she really does have no idea. The dog is a labrador btw.

    But is there any way to check
  2. is the dog spayed? are her nipples swelling? was the dog in heat? dogs have been known to mate through fences... so anythings possible.
  3. I will have to ask her this, I dont know if she knows, I and she have never dealt with pregnant dogs. I really hope the dog isnt pregnant. its not spayed though and was on heat.
  4. How long ago was the heat? Dog gestation is 63 days. if she is really close to 63, take her to the vet and have her xrayed. We did this at about 50 days and the vet and us could count the pups.
    The nipples will enlarge and she will grow "teats".
  5. you have to be super careful when they're in heat, it's the only time they can get pregnant. i've heard that a male as far as a mile away can smell a ***** in heat, and will do anything to get her. as mcmahan706 mentioned, have the vet check her out. good luck!
  6. I agree, have your friend take her to the vet ASAP. Good luck!
  7. oh, those males go crazy when dogs are in heat! I knew someone who bred her Shihtzu and the vet said she couldn't get pregnant again right after she had the litter. But I guess she went into heat because next thing you know the male was trying to hump her again and they had to be separated!