Is There Any Way to Maintain the Quality of Pics Uploaded to Albums?

  1. I've recently noticed that the quality of the pics uploaded to photo albums is much lower than pics uploaded to other areas of tPF. It actually seems like the quality's been reduced from earlier uploads to the albums (pics I added 1-2 years ago seem much clearer than the ones I've only recently added)

    Is there any way to maintain the quality of the pics uploaded to photo albums? I normally reduce the size of the images to 1000x770, and this doesn't seem to help. I've even tried reducing them to a smaller size, but that only makes the image smaller, not clearer.

    It's not the quality of the original photos either - I've uploaded the same pics to other areas of tPF and the pics are clear and crisp, it's only when I add them to my photo album that the clarity is greatly diminished.
  2. It's the file size (in Kbs), file type (.jpg, .png, etc.) and compression that affects image quality, not the dimensions.

    There could be some compression algorithm used during uploads to the albums to save disk space.
  3. I see - that makes sense, since I noticed that the number of pics you can add to your album was recently increased (a few months ago, I only had room for 4 more images, and now I can add 40+ more)

    Thanks for the explanation