Is there a way to track a package that was sent DC without having the number?

  1. Long story short:

    I bid on/won a pair of Juicy cargo pants. They were too big. I sent them back (after making sure it was OK with the seller) December 17th, with delivery confirmation. I have since lost that little slip. I was told by the seller/store that all returns/refunds would be processed within 3-5 days of returning from the new year. No biggie. I waited, and now the seller is saying they have processed all returns/refunds and don't have mine.

    Obviously I sent it, and am not trying to scam them, but now I am out the money for teh pants, as well as the pants. Had I kept them, I possibly could have resold them, as I had the matching hoodie.

    At any rate, is there a next step for me to track down this package? I am out of the U.S. now, but I am still wondering if you girls have any advice. I also don't think the seller is being shady, as they are a store and have thousands of positive feedbacks.

  2. I wonder if you could go back to post office and maybe they can check? Something like this happend to me a while back with Neimans. It helped that he knew the girl that worked there but I think they went in the computer by date and then location? I'm sorry Ican't remember all the details but he came home and actually had a copy of the signed slip from Neimans which they were saying they hadn't got. Good luck!
  3. File a claim with paypal. You will be able to get your money back.
  4. even if you file w paypal, they still need you to provide tracking number though. so the best way is to contact the post office and see if they can help.
    or dig up ur receipt? still have it?
  5. You can call the USPS phone number but in order to get to a human you have to say you're changing your address (or some other choice like that), then someone will come to help you. It's almost impossible to get a human otherwise.
  6. I work for the USPS and there is no way that I know of to track an item without that number. When you purchase a delivery confirmation the bar-code is scanned in via a handheld scanner and then the package is sent on it's way. We do not keep copies of delivery confirmations - the only forms we keep copies of are customs forms and express mail.

  7. Any chance that you have the post office receipt? Maybe the DC number would be printed on there?
  8. thanks girls.

    i think i just will have to eat this one. i don't have the DC slip, or the receipt, which wouldn't have had it anyway because i used a tiny local post office. it may be on my desk, so i'm going to have my sister check when she goes for the mail, etc. but i'm afraid i'm just out the money and the pants. i should have kept with my DC slip!
  9. this is off topic, but is there any way i can track a package that is sent to me via ems from US to Canada? would usps be able to tell me where my package is? i've bought an item and seller said that she sent it 5days ago with ems, however she hasn't given me the tracking number. i've asked her almost everyday, but she never gave it to me and the item is still not here. i know sometimes there are postal delays, but i'm going away in just over 1week and there'll be a lot of custom duties to pay since it's fully insured, so i really need to know where my package is.
  10. You need the tracking number in order to have it traced, it seems a little suspicous to me that she will not give you that number. Perhaps she misplaced it and doesn't want to admit it. Her post office will have sent a copy of the label to their finance office so likely they do not have it there either, even if you were to call.

  11. thanks...i still haven't heard back from her. but since the package was sent out last monday with ems, it should arrive by monday/tuesday the latest. i've been thinking, if it doesn't arrive by the end of the week and the seller doesn't get back to me, should i file with paypal? do you know the rules on this? the worst is that i'm going out of the country soon for a couple of weeks.