Is there a way to get the yellowing out of a Dooney IT?

  1. I bought one $5. Is there any way to get the yellowing out? Right now it's soaking in peroxide? I'm assuming it's a lost cause (it looked more like a stain when I bought the bag).

    Any help or should I just trash it? It's not an overall yellow, just a nasty yellow around the zipper. Kind of looks like a nicotine stain.
  2. For me, No. I washed a older D&B bag (white one with different color hearts),
    around 4 times. (yes, in the washing machine)
    No damage from washing it, It is just the yellowing of the PVC canvas stayed the same.
  3. I gave away a white doodle bug this year for the same reason. White anything eventually yellows.
  4. I actually did something. After I posted this, I soaked the bag in peroxide for a week. The bag turned really white and the yellow is almost gone. I'm going to let it dry then do it again to see if it comes out completely! The colors kind of faded so I wouldnt do this on a bag unless its going to get trashed anyway.
  5. wow please post pictures of it when your done...I have an it bag that is 8 years old and I just use it as a makeup bag now (Its the small barrel bag). I might try this too...its pretty yellow.
  6. Wow I'm glad you found something that sorta worked. I trashed a Dooney bag recently because if this same reason.
  7. I was given an It bag that has this terrible yellow staining. It is going to be a science project bag. I might try the hydrogen peroxide idea. I was thinking of maybe some kind of stain to dye it. Still thinking...
  8. Do not trash Dooney bags! You can send them in as a trade in for a brand new bag.
  9. Really?
  10. Wish i would have known you could trade D&B in on new ones. I wouldn't have sold all two of my D&B bags then. One of them started to yellow, and the other one the color started rubbing off and turning white around the edges.
  11. I also read this on the DB site somewhere. I will have to go back and check it out again.
  12. I had a black mc it from 2005 and it faded on the bottom. I thought I had set it on a bleached spot of the counter but now I believe it was a defect. I ended up selling it for cheap. Didn't hear about the trade in until after the fact.
  13. Yep.

    From Dooney:

    The trade in program allows you to send back items and use half of their original suggested retail price toward a new item of equal or greater suggested retail price. So for example, if an item was originally $200, we'd be able to take $100 of the cost of a new item valued at $200 or greater. Alternatively, you can pick something less than the item's original suggested retail price and we can charge half of the item's original retail price. So for example, if the item sent back was $200, and you picked something that was $175, we'd be able to bring it down to $100.

    This can't be combined with sales or promotions, and it does always have to be a 1:1 exchange ratio.

    The address is

    Dooney & Bourke
    ATTN: Trade-In
    1 Regent St.
    Norwalk, CT, 06855

    and just include a brief letter w/ your name, daytime phone #, return address, and explaining that you're interested in the trade in program. You should receive a letter within 7-10 days detailing the amount of the credit as well as reviewing basically everything I've written above. From there, you can call our CS department at 1-800-347-5000 to place the order by phone. We accept all major credit/debit cards, or check/money order by mail. All orders need to be placed within 30 days of us receiving the trade in item, or the trade in item gets returned.
  14. exactly!!!!

    i know people that have found nice bags that they did not really want at yard sales and thrift stores for a couple of bucks that they then send to Dooney and trade it in for what they want!!!
  15. I have a Signature IT barrel bag I bought a few years ago. Retailed for $175. It has been kept in my closet and has the yellowing on the exterior. Even if it's a few years older can it still be turned in to get a replacement as listed above?