Is there a reason you order from Elu instead of buy in store?

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  1. I know someone has to order from Elu because there is no store nearby. But I noticed some of us order from Elu anyway even with LV store nearby.

    Any special reason? Tax saving? Longer return time (60 days instead of 14 days)?

    How much shipping do they charge if you return one item?
  2. I wanted to buy my Damier Speedy 30 in person. :yes: Since my bf was buying for me and didn't have time to go to the LV boutique, he just got it on Eluxury. I wish we would've gotten it at the boutique because I love the whole experience. It's okay because I still got a beautiful bag.
  3. I love being able to go into the boutiques and meet all the bags before deciding on one. I have yet to purchase a bag on Elux or any online store just because of that reason. Plus, I dont have much patience to wait for my bag to arrive.
  4. Unfortunately, there isn't an LV store in my area so I'm forced to purchase from eLuxury. I've gotten a few bags from the actual boutiques when I've been on vacation and I must say that I prefer to buy in the store. It's just the overall experience that I like better.
  5. No tax and you can go through ****** to get 3% back!
  6. I heard Elu only charges sales tax for buyers in CA and TN.
  7. Lucky you. I will check out ******.
  8. If you order from eluxury, you will save tax (except in NV, right?), can use ****** to get 3% back, will def get a box (sometimes stores don't give boxes) and have a longer return policy (30 vs 14 days). HTH!
  9. I order because:
    I don't have a store nearby.
    No tax.
    Longer return time.
    I REALLY like the SA's I've spoken with on the phone. They have been incredibly helpful.
    I loved buying my PH in the store though and even though I can save on tax through elux, the next time I'm in a store, I'll probably have to buy something "just because" I'm there!
  10. Eluxury has good customer service.
  11. Where is the info about ****** on their website? When I did a site search, nothing came up.
  12. the closest LV store to me is in Toronto, which is a good 2.5 hrs drive away. but it costs more for me to buy in Toronto than it does to buy in the U.S. the next closest is Manhattan, which is 7 hrs drive :shocked:. i love the flagship boutique in Manhattan, but i only go there about 3 to 4 times a year :sad:. so i have to resort to eLuxury, which sometimes can be a hassle because there's always the risk that i won't like the bag when it arrives, and i'll have to send it back. although that's never happened to me... yet :P!
  13. Ditto :biggrin:
  14. 60 day return policy. Very, very easy to return things too, no hassles.
  15. no tax and 60 days to return