Is there a problem with Lizard?

Ms Birkin

Jun 21, 2008
Near an orange box
Does anyone know or heard if there are any issues with lizard at the moment?

I ordered a couple of items (not bags) in lizard at the podium last year and am now being told they don't know when they will arrive because there is a "problem" with lizard but they won't elborate on what the problem is.


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
^^Not a problem at all. The stores are always evasive when being asked questions like this.

I am just assuming that there is a shortage of this leather or quality issue :smile:. It is an exotic leather after all and H is extremely picky when it comes to choosing leathers. They only want the best of the best.


Working mom of 3
Oct 31, 2007
I'm in the same boat.... I'm just hoping I don't have to go through several more price increases until my item comes!!


Feb 18, 2008
Not only is there a shortage of skins, but the few lizzie bags that they have made in the past 2 years have had a high percentage of problems. I passed on so many for problems ranging from buckling/waviness of the skin, really bad dye jobs, unusual fading even straight out of the box, as well as a "gash" at the bottom of a bag. There was even a 25cm kelly that had this mark on the FRONT of the bag. For lack of a better description, it was like someone dented it, then colored over it. I bet it will be very soon that H does not do lizzie for handbags. Too many problems, no solutions, unhappy customers = not a good combo.