Is there a difference between Mini and Mini Lin?

  1. I just noticed in my catalogue that only the Mini is featured. I guess the Mini Lin line was only released in Sept 06 and comes in Ebony and Dune. But is the Mini (blue, cherry, khaki etc...) different material wise? Thanks
  2. Perhaps mini is just mini mono on canvas; mini lin is linen based fabric, I thought?
  3. Monogram Mini is the older version of the Mini Lin. The fabric content has been further improved to be resistant to stains and fragility. Besides the fabric content was more nylon based unlike the Mini Lin which is composed of linen.
  4. I don't think they're the same. To me, I think the new Mini Lin has a "silkier" feel...
  5. I agree, the mini mono feels more just like cloth...and you can tell Mini Lin is more resistant (although it does feel silkier)
  6. they are different lines for sure.. i think the fabrics on mini and mini lin are different somehow..
  7. The mini lin is made from a linen blend. Hope that helps, I have a speedy 30 mini lin and it is great against stains!
  8. I have to agree the mini lin is great agaisnt stains. I love my mini lin speedy