Is there a baby on board for Daisy Fuentes?

  1. [​IMG]

    The usually fit 40-year-old Winsor Pilates spokesperson was shopping at the Grove with family and boyfriend Matt Goss yesterday showing some severe bumpage.

    Baby on the way or just a few extra holiday pounds? Stay tuned....
  2. aww...i hope so! she's so pretty & seems very down to earth
  3. She looks great for 40.
  4. I spot a fake LV Alma bag in the first picture... :smile:
  5. Ohh that would be wonderful! she is so stunning
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing.
  7. She does look pregnant! Love Daisy!
  8. That bag looks a lot like a Alma shaped bag in black patent leather from the Arcadia brand. I have a friend that has that bag and it looks exactly like this one. I like to tease her that it's her LV Alma wannabe.
  9. She does not look forty at all. If she is pregnant congrats!!
  10. She's so pretty.
  11. I was wondering about how old she was because it seems like she's been in the public eye for a long time now! And she does look great for her age, any age I would say!
  12. me too :yes: Feet on an alma - eewww.

    As far as Daisy goes, who knows? I honestly do NOT think that is serious bumpage despite what others may think.

    She looks gorgeous!
  13. What is wrong with people?? She looks great---yet if a female star isn't emaciated then she must be PG?? Sh'e got a little curve to her tummy--so what? "Usually fit", my ass! WTF is that supposed to mean. No wonder so many women have eating disorders and distorted body images.