Is The Spy Bag Losing It's Stock?

  1. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that authentic spies on eBay are selling on average at a dramatically lower price?
    Don't get me wrong, I love my spies, but what's the deal? :confused1:

    I've been watching a spy like mine (in my avatar), and it didn't even sell at $699!!! :wtf:
  2. It didn't sell because people don't like maybe because of the color, they think it's fake, or people just don't have the money.

    I am selling one right now too at a lower price, that's because I look at it from a buyer perspective and I want to get rid off the bag(too many Spys). People like getting good deals.

    As for the Spy itself. I really think it's timeless.
  3. I think it's the time of the year (Christmas). Now, as a buyer on eBay I am having the opposite problem, the ones I am watching are going for too much! But there are also fakes going for more than $600 on eBay too. :tdown:
  4. I hate it, but as a buyer I'm so darn scared to bid now. All of the fakes, bait and switches, etc. Also, tons of my expendable cash is going towards Christmas so I have to hold back... if I had the money I'd kill for a $700 spy. :p
  5. thestarsgarb, I love the spy in your avatar! Is it black and white? Green and white?

    I agree with Demosthenes, though. If people could spare that much cash at this time of year and knew it was an authentic bag, I'm sure it would have gone for much more. There is a lot of dodgy-ness on ebay, and it makes people reluctant for spring to big-ticket items.

    I find that auctions with really big, clear, beautiful photos tend to get bid up much higher, and I still see many Spys going for over $1000. I will always :heart: them!
  6. Star, I have the same Spy. Unless you're a Spy lover, this particular Spy doesn't appeal because the leather isn't typical Spy, kwim?

    Also, October and early to mid November are traditionally low shopping months. Keep this in mind for next year, because there are major deals to be had on eBay! ;)
  7. etagaya: Thanks! My spy is the black and cream and I just love her. :love:

    fatefullotus: I hear what you're saying about the different style of leather. I will DEFINITELY remember this lull for next year, as I love the deals, (I guess I got a good one on my magic bag). ;)

    Unfortunately at this time I cannot take advantage of the spy deals on ebay; I'm holding out hope over a hard to find Marc Jacobs. :girlsigh:
  8. Krud! Me too @ MJ, Star! :push: I hope at least for the purpose of this auction, we don't have the same taste like our taste for the cream & black Spy!!!!
  9. No, because it has gone up $90 since about last June in Saks.
  10. I dont think Spy bags will ever loose Stock! At least I hope not, I just love Love LOVE Spy bags!:heart::love:
  11. I to think its the time of year, eveyone is buying Christmas presents so do not have a lot of spare cash, plus I think it depends a lot on what spy it is.
  12. I agree at this time of year with christmas money is pretty tight, but good luck with your sales anyway :biggrin:
  13. People don't have a lot of extra money right now, so they aren't buying high end hand bags. Great for buyers, horrid for sellers!