Is the small Rock Vinyl bag a waste of money to buy?

  1. I really do love the vinyl bags even though I know it's plastic and for that, the price on them is insane. But I just love how they look on. Anyway the price difference between the small and medium is crazy...$500 difference. The small one does hold a ton though because the bag is soft.

    Do you think it's a waste of money to buy the small version for $1195? I am worried the patent look will go out after this season and I won't have use for that bag anymore afterwards. Or do you think it will stick around for awhile?

    Also, the quality. It doesn't seem like many on here have the bag but I am dying to know how it's been holding up!!!

    Any info please? :smile:
  2. I really liked the look of this bag but I was also concerned that I wouldn't get more than one season out of it. However, I\it is never a waste of $$ to get a bag u really like !
  3. I have the bag and I think it's great!! It's been holding up my abuse and frequecy of using the bag. I have the classic lambskin and caviar which I don't use as much nowadays as my rock! I have the cabas in vinyl too. So nothing has stopped me from worry about my vinyls.
  4. Which size and color do you have and how long have you been using it for? Hehe sorry for so many questions! ;)
  5. ITA with bagmom, don't let us ladies influence your tastes too much! I do think that patent is here to stay, while it waxes and wanes, it NEVER goes away! if so, the two patent flaps I bought this year will still get carried regularly! good luck deciding!
  6. If you really want it, it's not a waste at all!!! Me personally, I love patent bags, and will always wear them.
  7. I have it in the burgandy and I know it is a pre-fall bag, but I carry it now and I LOVE it - I prefer smaller Chanel bags now since I have way too many large ones ... and I have used it in the rain and didn't even get a spot on it!!!
  8. ^ How much stuff did you put in yours? You got the small style right?
  9. Yeah i have the small ... all I really do is instead of carrying a big wallet, I use a Chanel card case and carry my driver's license, money and credit cards ... my make up and my small mason pierson brush fit perfectly ...

    The only problem is I got an IPhone and that doesn't fit in ANYTHING!!!:p No it does but then I cant carry my glasses case so if it sunny out, I wear the pair I have that do double duty
  10. Even if patent goes out one year it always comes back. I think it's a great bag. The second size is already sold out in black in NYC.
  11. ^ Oh wow. There is still a ton left of the mediums here in Los Angeles. I love that size too but I just can't pay $1700 for plastic. The small size was all sold out at the Nordstrom I went to yesterday.
  12. i don't like the feel of the bag cause for me it was really plasticky. I think for that amount you should just add a little and buy a leather bag. IMO
  13. if you'll be using it lots then it's not a waste of money. for that kind of money you have to really love it (and will use it)...don't let us influence your decision!