Is the Odeon and Bloomsbury a keeper

  1. I’ve never sold a bag before and I’m wondering if I should sell my Odeon and my Bloomsbury to fund the Saintonge?
    I know the Odeon and Bloomsbury is discontinued but I used them primarily when my daughter was younger and I had to carry more stuff. Now she’s 13 and she carries her own stuff so I’m thinking about downsizing?

    This is my collection, most of my bags are discontinued but I can not seem to let them go. IMG_2924.jpg
    At the same time I feel maybe someone else would use it more.
  2. I have both bags in my collection and I use them both a lot still. I wouldn't sell mine for the main reason that they ARE discontinued bags, and if you have seller's remorse it won't be that easy to find them on the pre-loved market in good shape.
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  3. Great collection! I sold my Odeon some time ago. I was reaching for it less and less. Finally decided to sell it and put the money towards something else I knew I’d enjoy more. I still think it’s a really cute bag, but I don’t miss it. If I kept every bag I’ve bought that was cute and/or discontinued I’d have a closet full of discontinued cute bags I don’t use. Good luck deciding and enjoy your terrific collection!
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  4. I would keep the Bloomsbury it’s a great travel bag. I love that I can be hands free on vacation and it holds a lot.
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  5. When I saw your collection, I thought, that this 2 bags are not real your style. Especially the Odeon.
  6. Totally agree! The Bloomsbury looks so good when worn on the shoulder -dolls up the outfit- I've admired it on others, but the Odean-not so much..........
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  7. Great collection..
    I will keep bloomsbury.. I don’t really like the Odeon.. But if you think you don’t need those 2, just sell to fund for other bag. Good luck on deciding..
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  8. I just wanted to say you have a great collection! :smile: