Is the Mina the "Stam" w/o the Handles?

  1. I just got a Quilted Elastic Mina bag in Green and I absolutely LOVE the bag! It carries wonderfully. Not too heavy, the chain doesn't weigh me down or dig into my shoulder. It holds everything I need w/room left over. On top of that, it's gorgeous to look at!! I love everything about it!

    What I'm wondering is this - - Is the Mina the exact same bag as the Stam with the double handles left off?? Or is the Stam larger, more of a frame bag? The Mina seems like a frame bag (becuz of the way it opens), but when you set it down, the bag "melts" downward and when it's empty, you can kinda "smush" all the air out & flatten it out. Is the Stam like this also?

    I'm just wondering since I've been avoiding the Stam forever now, mainly becuz of its high pricetag (I NEVER find them on sale!) but also becuz it seems to weigh so much. But if it's really like my Mina bag, I think I'm liking it more & more. Even though I do tend to carry bags w/double handles on my shoulder, I do use the handles occassionally and I like the look of an arm bag (I just HAVE to have the option of hanging it on my shoulder since there are so many times I need both hands free, which is why the Mina is perfect for me!).

    Anyone out there own both the Mina and Stam that could take some side-by-side pics as a comparison??
  2. judging from the pictures, i always believed the mina was the handle-less version of the stam, but when i saw it irl, the mina is actually thinner. the stam frame is wider and the bag itself is much bigger length and width-wise. the mina is also lighter.
  3. i don't own the mina but tried it on earlier in the year at Nm and have the stam in plum.... i must say the mina is a little lighter than the stam, but the stam isn't very heavy when empty compared with the mins. The stam is wider and larger in general than the mina like tadpole said. nothing compares to the stam...i'd highly recommend it.

  4. I was at Nordstroms yesterday and looked at the Stam and actually the Mina is a little bit bigger. They're about the same width but the Mina's taller. The Stam is definitely deeper and I think this is where the biggest difference is.

    Looking up the measurements - according to eLuxury:
    The Mina is 17.5"x 11.5"x 1.75"
    The Stam is 15"x 9"x 6.5"

    Even tho it would be nice to have the option of carrying the bag on my arm, I'd probably end up using the chain more often (since I almost always need both hands free when I'm out), so I think the Mina might just satisfy my "Stam" needs.

    Of course, if I came across a Stam at a good price and I liked the color and leather, I'd probably get it just to have one of Marc's trademark bags, but for now the Mina fulfills my "stam needs"!
  5. Saw a green elastic Mina on the sale table at Nordstrom MacArthur Center today. Second markdown. I'd call and see if you can get a price adjustment/match. Be sure they scan it if you call... the lower price wasn't on the tag. 757-314-1111 and ask for SA Carla.
  6. I already bought the Green Mina the day after Xmas so it was already on its 2nd markdown
  7. Do you still love your Mina? I keep going back and forth between the Stam and the Mina and I think I'm leaning toward the Mina because if I wear it on my shoulder the leather handles on the Stam might get in the way... but so many tPFers say they are happier with the Stam...:confused1:
  8. don't own either but love the look!
  9. Yes - I am still in love w/my Mina!! I tend to carry a lot in my bag and the longer I carry it, the more I accumulate. So far, the bag has not seemed weighty at all. The chain strap doesn't dig into my shoulder and/or cause me any kind of shoulder pain. It's easily accessible when the bag's hanging on my shoulder so I dont always have to take it off to open the bag to get what I need. The only thing is, I wish I had been able to find it in either the Navy or Plum since I don't think the Green is an ideal year-round color, otherwise I really love the bag!! If you tend to carry your bags on your shoulder & like the look of the Stam, I highly recommend it!! (esp if you don't think you'll use the double handles)

    I do think I still would like to have a Stam bag - that way my Stam "collection" would be complete! (I have a Baby Stam and the Mina - a full size Stam would be nice). I'm still hoping that I might get lucky & find one on sale and/or reduced somewhere, but if I don't, I'm going to save up & buy a new one in a month or two.