Is the MAGENTA color ok for 35 year old woman?

  1. Hi!!

    Somebody offered me a preloved Magenta FIRST bag. It looks really lovely with Grey clothes, I wear a lot of Greys n blue . BUT, I am hesitant because the color is too young? How about if I turn 45, can I still use it?

    I am skinny and 5'5" tall. I only have tonight to decide, please help.

  2. I'm 38 and just got my first magenta. (shoulder) I really don't think it has anything to do w/ age. Go for it. Beautiful FUN, HAPPY Color! Enjoy!
  3. You must be kidding, I am 36, I love magenta, and I can't see anything wrong with that.:p
  4. You're definitely not too old for magenta.
  5. The older I've gotten the brighter I've gotten. I think it will be great!
  6. NEVER tool old for the lovely magenta!
  7. omg noooooooooooooooo way!
    age doesnt matter re: colors of bags, etc., it just illustrates your personal style! It is a gorgeous bag, enjoy
  8. Never! Magenta is a great color for every age.
  9. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!
  10. I just turned 39 and have a magenta box that I carry to work. I plan to carry it forever:love: . I'd love to see a 70 year old carry one. It's age defying.
  11. no wayyyy... you'll look great in it!
    go get it, girl :wlae:
  12. I think you should go for it! I am sure it'll look great on you like it does on all the other ladies here!:yes:
  13. Thanks a lot. I am gonna get it!! What the heck- life is short.

    The color really is so pretty.

    This is the first time I'd be owning a really colorful bag. This color looks really good with Grey ( am always in the gym and wearing grey suits)

    I am waiting patiently for my Black Classique...sigh and another City in ?? color.
  14. I agree with all the ladies. You should wear any colour you love. No rules on colour with age. You love it? WEAR IT!
  15. You never too old for B bags :p . I am turning the big 40 in a few days.. and look how many B bags I "accomplished" :p