Is the Gucci blue flora canvas 'wave' large hobo with horsebit a good choose?

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  1. I saw it at Saks' pre-sale yesterday, which will be discounted 30%. It's a cute bag. I think it wears comfortably on the shoulder b/c it lays flat. It's also nice because of the blue matching pretty well with any pair of jeans. I'm holding off on getting a Britt but I do like the leather Wave style--similar to the "Jessica Simpson" bag without the pricetag.

  2. It's a really cute bag, I think it's on sale for $535 or something like that. However, for your first gucci, I would go for something a little more classic (leather or monogram). The gucci floral hobo is more of just a summer bag and might not be able to take you through the whole year.

  3. I totally agree. For your first Gucci you should get something more classic. There are a lot of really nice classic bags that will be on sale next week.
  4. Agree...go with something more classic unless you don't mind buying another classic one inthe upcoming months.
  5. I thinks its gorgeous and if you love it - get it.
  6. its very pretty, and perfect for summer, and since its your first bag, i KNOW it won't be your last! so although its not the classic monogram fabric, i think you'll still love the floral and sooner or later you WILL find a mono fabric you like at the RIGHT price! so i say go for it :smile: hehe i'm an enabler...

    ALSO, as others have said, there are many gorgeous classic/basic bags in mono at the sale so definitely go check them out! good luck and you will win either is the way to go!!
  7. I bought the wave hobo in monogram with brown leather.
    It is so practical and so nice. The detail on the strap is perfect. It's a great bag and fits a ton, and when you don't have a ton in it, you can fold it over at the top. It's a fabulous bag. It's definately one of the best.

  8. Are you talking about this purse, I saw it on ebay, and would like to bid on it. Was it only sale for $535 when on sale?

    Thanks for your information.
  9. This thread was from 2007, in case you didn't notice.

  10. I know that the thread is in 2007, since I am thinking to bid the flora horsebit on ebay, so I search this purse on this forum, and it came out this thread. Could you please give me more information about the flora purse? like how much was this one when it was on sale in Gucci store, because I don't wanna over bid the item. Thanks a lot. Here is the link:
  11. Wow, it's kinda like Gucci's version of LV's Galliera.