Is the Fairy bag still available anywhere?

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  1. I don't have a boutique near me, only dept. stores and I haven't seen any in Saks or Neimans. Do any Prada boutiques still have any fairy bags or are they completely sold out? Has anyone seen any recently? TIA! :tup:
  2. Unfortunately the Fairy bag has been sold out for quite awhile now, I think the only places to get them now might be eBay.

    However, there are a lot of fakes on eBay so please beware and be sure to get it authenticated in the authenticate this thread!

  3. I would also try let-trade. They had one recently for about $1400!
  4. Be careful of the Prada Fairy Bag. They are handpainted. My girlfriend got one and the first night she went out with it, someone accidently spilled some champagne on it. The artwork on the bag ran. She called Prada and they told her the bags cannot get wet. She is now afraid to carry it.
  5. There may be some good deals on eBay, but beware of dealing with some of the online stores...I had been watching the listings closely some months back when I was on the hunt for one, and noticed that some sellers sold the bags and relisted them. There was a particular one (white bowler) that was relisted at a lower price. I got suspicious, did a search and found out that the same bag was sold just a few weeks ago. I contacted the buyer who replied and told me she returned the bag as there was a patch at the top where the shimmery coating had peeled off. She was still disputing the transaction and trying to get her money back when I wrote to her. And although the bag was relisted at a lower price the seller did not disclose the defect at all! I was so glad I checked or I could have gotten into the same trouble.