Is the Ergo truly better for your shoulder?

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  1. I have issues with shoulder bags due to neck/shoulder problems. Is the Ergo truly easier on your neck/shoulder/back or is it about the same as the canvas bags?
  2. I normally carry bags with lots of hardware, so off the top I'd say ergo bags do a body good just because they're so lightweight! *L* Other than that, I love the shape of my ergo tote. The straps are done in such a way that it sits very comfortably on my shoulder, and I rarely have to re-adjust it like I would with my other bags.
  3. If nothing else, it's a lot more lightweight than other bags, which takes the strain off your back, neck and shoulders.

    I don't think there is any medical evidence that it's meant to fit your shoulder well or anything like that (I know there have been bags with medical research done, llbean used to have some). But, it is a very lightweight and comfy bag. I tried on the large hobo in the store before I ordered the patent, and it's SO lightweight, I loved it and it didn't bother my back or leg.

    Good luck!! :yes:
  4. I don't know if it's by nature *better* but the bags *are* lighter than a lot of Coach bags I've tried. I believe that the Ergo leather hobo I bought today is lighter than the sig large Carly I have. A lighter bag by definition will be better on the shoulders. Also I am finding that the Ergo doesn't slip off my shoulder as easily as MANY other bags I've had. It's very comfortable.
  5. The Ergo bags are definitely lighter than the Legacy handbags. I find my Ergo Tote very comfortable on my shoulder. The hobo is very lightweight as well and it does not hurt my back or shoulders. I consider the Ergo to be one of the best lines Coach has ever done which is why I purchased three back in 2002 and another three in 2007.
  6. I just got my vintage ergo hobo, filled her full o' stuff, and have been carrying her around running errands with my three kids, and I can tell you that it is definitely lighter than my much-loved legacy bags...

    In fact, I'm thinking of going back and buying the tote during PCE too because of the difference.

    Liz--thanks for your advice on this bag--I just LOVE it!
  7. To echo everyone else, the Ergo is definitely WAY lighter (no brass hardware) and wears well on the body from the shoulder.
  8. Ergo is lighter but I find it a bit of a pain to carry just do to the fact that they are two straps as opposed to one (one always keep slipping).
  9. I'm really not *supposed* to wear any shoulder bags until after I have my neck surgery and am totally healed. But I have pared down what I carry to just a tiny amount. I have a lightweight Vera Bradley wallet, a very small costmetic pouch, cell phone and keys. I will probably wait a little while to try the ergo. Thanks for all the replies!!
  10. The Ergo Hobo has a single strap and it stays on my shoulder quite nicely! Probably the best of any bag I've ever owned.
  11. They are lightweight and from trying one on, I got the feeling it would be comfy to carry on a daily basis.