Is the Epi Soufflot still available??

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  1. I don't recall ever really seeing this bag in the stores but then again I was never really looking for it. Recently I saw some photos online here of this bag and I absolutely love it! I really need a new everyday black purse and this may fit the bill.

    However, I looked on for it and saw that it wasn't available to purchase online. Please don't tell me it's been discontinued!!! :sad: Has anyone purchased the Soufflot recently?
  2. i'm not sure..but because it's an older style i think it is being faced out..or not being produced as frequent as the newer styles!
  3. You can always call 1.800.VUITTON and they can search inventory for the Epi Soufflet. Good luck finding it.
  4. I called and it's been discontinued :sad: The lady said she did see about two in the company back east but who knows what condition the bag is in. I expect a call back from her soon as she is checking it out for me. Why would they discontinue this purse though??
  5. I know, I am mad they discontinued one before I got one-
  6. Definitely get one if you can! I have a red epi soufflot and love it; it's pretty roomy and just very feminine.

    I don't know why it has been discontinued, maybe not a big seller? Or LV is making room for some new epi better be pretty darn spectacular!
  7. It's discontinued? Am so glad I got one, I love it!