Is the Cotton Club Silvery Color really prone to dirt?

  1. Today at chanel, i saw the perfect wallet, a Cotton Club Silver Medium Long Wallet (not sure the name). I asked the SA, she said it's prone to dirt, since its a light colour.
    I want to ask if this colour really is that sensitive to dirt?
    Also, anyone have a wallet or a bag in this colour? How's this colour working for you? Also, is there anyway i can pretreat it or do anything about it if it really gets dirty????
    I LOVE THIS WALLET so pretty ..but the only colour available is this colour and there's only two left in Canada, and one left in toronto! I put it on hold. so.... now still deciding :smile:

    *on a side note, if i don't get it, i might get the LV suhali wallet in white. but the suhali price (i can get a LV bag with it)
  2. it's calfskin so it's pretty durable:yes:
  3. the cotton club is not lambskin???? the SA told me it was :sad: oh ignorant SA
  4. NO, NO!!! Not lambskin!:nogood:
    It's calf, totally wipes clean :biggrin:
  5. Thank you Swanky Mama of Three, omg I have the urge to go back to Chanel NOW to get it :smile: lol only 15 minutes away by foot lol
  6. Although I haven't seen the silver cotton club in real life, but the color & leather looks beautiful!!!! A friend of mine just got a silver cotton club wallet @ VAncouver last month & she told me that the wallet is very durable & there is no color transfer.......she is very rough with her when she thinks it's durable. It really is. go get her!! I would too if I can find one :smile:...please post pictures if you do get it. Would love to see this beauty. :smile:
  7. I have the cotton club tote and wallet (not the long one) in bronze, and like Swanky said, the leather is anaged calfskin, which is much more durable than lambskin. :tup: The NM I shop at had a couple of light silver cotton club wallets (long and medium sized), but if Canada only has two, and you love the style, you should get it! :p
  8. two left in Canada, jeeze, what's up with all the shortage of designer items? I bet the other one that's available is NOT in Calgary...Chanel here kind of sucks...

    ANYWAY sorry for the rant, I really like the light silver, I thikn you should get it if you want it! So...this wallet is less expensive than the Suhali wallet? (which one are you talking about)?
  9. Its a medium long wallet, shorter than the LV pochette but bigger than the bill compact lol (dunno the name of wallets). This one is weird, the longest one is 625 CAD, the shortest one is 650 and this one that i want is ONLY 475!!!!!!!!!!!! =] the suhali is 780 so mind as well get a chanel since i don't have a chanel wallet :smile:
  10. Ohhh wow $475 is such a good price for a wallet!!

    I'm getting the Suhali zippy wallet you're talking about in metallic silver...can't wait...but I could see myself getting a Chanel wallet to go with my first Chanel piece lol

    Would love to see a pic!
  11. such a beautiful color...go get it! ;)
  12. My silver large tote has gathered no dirt but a few frayed threads.
  13. I have the silver CC Tote and it's been fine. It is the lightest bag that I own, due to my white bag phobia. It cleans up nicely.
  14. excited..gonna go 2mr to get it :smile: hehehe
  15. get it get it!! I can't wait to see pix!!