Is the Coeur change purse worth $350.00???

  1. As you know, the Coeur (heart) change purse just came out yesterday!!!! :love: .....I was going to ask my parent to get it for me for Valentines Day. I think it is SOOO adorable!!! BUT....Is it really worth 350.00? I really am trying to save up for the Speedy 25. With 350, I could buy a Mini HL sac...Guys, do you think the Coeur change purse is really worth it??
  2. IMO no....I have a really hard time jusifying purchases that are small and not practical (for me), $350 for something that small just isn't worth it. I saw the heart purse and the flat pouch and thought they were gorgeous though. Good job saving up for the speedy. Maybe you could ask your parents for a pochette (in mono or damier) for v-day--a little bit more practical.
  3. It's definitely beautiful and unique, but no, I can't honestly say it's worth the money. I'm too practical at heart!
  4. i'd rather save that to go towards a new bag! cute, but i'd rather get a bag.
  5. I think it is woth it...just because I find it really cute! I love MC and I ended up getting that one...but if you really want a speedy, keep saving for it! You will probably get more use out of the speedy than the change purse
  6. No. Add a couple hundred more and you could get something a LOT more substantial.
  7. I say it's worth it... It's looked much bigger IRL. It's so cute!
  8. The other question is whether you would be able to get one. Many people are on wait-lists, though I don't know how many will ultimately be available.

    I adore the pomme accessories, but they're better with a larger bag to hang them on or put them in! You won't be sorry saving for the Speedy!
  9. I think it's worth it. There are very few pieces around.
  10. if you have to ask then it isn't. focus on your Speedy. it's heaps more practical and useful.
  11. i think it's worth it! it's adorable... i do think the price is a bit steep for something that small, but i'd buy it if i could get my hands on one
  12. It is really tiny (so is the mini sac)....but it is SO CUTE!
  13. is there anyone who has the mini sac and the heart purse??
  14. Hmm, it is rather expensive for such a small impractical item but I was willing to pay the price for one. Sometimes the prices are just insane but if you really want it then... GET IT! :devil:
  15. The Mono Mini Sac HL?