Is the cloth tag a global thing??

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  1. Does anyone know if the cloth tag will be global? i.e. not just for bags made in the USA but france, italy..etc as well?

    I called the two LV stores nearest to me today looking for a cloth-less tag speedy and one of them informed me that all the countries are switching to cloth tags, BUT ive been reading a lot of threads on here and watching youtubers stating that it was just the bags made in the that was the first time i heard that.. :crybaby:

  2. No, I really thought it was only USA bags, since I just got my kusama MIF speedy it was made without the tag and it's a newer speedy.
  3. I was told by customer service that eventually it will be on all bags globally. She said that eventuallly all bags will have the cloth tag and will say made in spain of imported materials and made in france of imported materials and so on.......
  4. Hmm I wonder why France and Spain bags are going to do this too? Maybe to be uniform all around. The cloth tag doesn't bother me as much as the no longer stamping the leather tag. I wish they would go back to stamping the leather tag *sigh*
  5. me too! I loved seeing the made in france or made in spain on the leather tab. I was told it was to get away from stating where the bag came from. It did nto make much sense to me to go away with what the customers liked so much.
  6. why would they want to hide where the bag was made? its kinda their "thing".. i think that's what makes it so unique and interesting to see the bags made from different parts of the world and dispersed
  7. I agree!
  8. yeah the no-stamping on the tag makes it look so empty and lonely :nogood: when i first saw it i was pretty convinced it was not an authentic bag.. unfortunately i was wrong
  9. I am not sure their rationale for the change as I thought that is what mde LV unique was to have that stated on there but that is what she had told me. It is odd as they are really cryptic about the topic when you ask them....You can kind of hear it in their voice.
  10. maybe it hasnt started in france yet when the Kusama collections were made.. but then again.. idk.. sad. so sad.
  11. They're only doing it to comply with US law. Since here in Europe they can currently get away with not stating that the materials were not made in the same country in which the bag was assembled, they won't change anything.
  12. I'm sure you're right, something to look forward to (NOT) lol :shrugs:
  13. they probably had to deal with a lot of unhappy customers with this situation O.O the lady i called today told me "you have to go to the country where the bag is made, but they all have switched to cloth tags" when i asked her if theres a way i can special order one from elsewhere.. she was short and quick to end the call. errr.
  14. so.. its only for the bags made in the US? that would be great if it has to be that way for legal me a reason to vacay to another country :graucho:
  15. That was rude of her! They must be getting alot of backlash about this because SA's and customer service are now getting defensive about it.