Is The Chloe Paddington More Expensive For 2006?

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  1. I Just Went To Net-a-porter And They're Charging $1500.00 For The A Regular Leather Paddy. It Retailed For $1280.00 This Past Year. Am I Crazy Or Is It B/c Net-a-porter Is Based In Europe And The Pound And Or Euro Is Stronger Than The Dollar? Is The Paddy Going To Be $1500.00 Here In The U.s.?

    Anyone Know?
  2. Yup - check out the pre-orders at NM and BG - $1500 for the s/s 06 line of paddies. Either way its out of my price range.
  3. When I called stores here in the US looking for it, they told me the price was $1480 + tax. I ordered mine from NAP and after everything went through it was just around $1480. I saved around $100 buying it there than if I had purchased it here in the US, because of the sales tax.

    Hope this helps!
  4. at the Chloe boutiques they are priced at 1480, and even in NM stores they are priced at 1480, online NM charges 20 dollars more at 1500, not sure why. Speaking of sales tax, i thought when you ordered something from a store, like chloe in new york, and had it shipped to a state where they dont have a store(the chloe boutqiue in South Coast was not open yet) they do not charge sales tax, does anyone know why I had to pay sales tax from ny to ca?
  5. That's the price I heard also in US.
  6. I just got mine $1,480 before tax at Chloe store in South Coast Plaza.
  7. Mine are several hundred less from LVR. and any order over Euro1000 is free shipping so I ordered two. The total is about $1050 per bag but that is before duty which I think is about $125/bag. The dollar is strong right now against the euro 1/1.20 so I'm liking the purchase from Italy. The cc company does charge 2% now. Something they added this year for international purchases. I am getting the choco and the whiskey this month and the blanc in march. I also love the mousse.
  8. You had to pay a sales tax because the parent company that owns Chloe also owns other luxury-goods stores in CA. I was all set to purchase a paddy from Chloe SCPlaza thinking there wouldn't be a sales tax to have it shipped to TX. Then the SA informed me that indeed there was a sales tax for TX since there is Cartier in Houston. Since Chloe and Cartier are owned by one company, they're considered the same under the tax code. :Push:
  9. Pleaseee post pictures when you get them!! :love: Do you know if the choco brown on LVR is the 2006 version w/ the dark brown interior lining? I sent them an email awhile ago and they never respond! :evil:

    I want a choco brown!! :nuts:

  10. Oh thank you, I didnt even think of that, Well, the tax is a small price to pay to get such a beautiful bag anyways.
  11. I was told that due to the Euro/US dollar exchange rate that a number of designer purses, including Chloe were going up in price.
  12. for us europeans the paddington is 1045 euros or something like that.