Is the black les marais flap w/silver tanished hardware okay for 64 y.o. Mom? my

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  1. I bought a couple of Chanel purses and can't return the black les marais flap with tarnished silver hardware so I thought I'd give it to my mom who is 64 years old. We bought her a classic medium black caviar flap with gold hardware for her 60th birthday. Do u think the les marais flap is too young? With the tarnish? Too much the same as classic?
  2. I think its funky... my mom is around the same age and could totally rock it.
  3. I think it would be great for her, not too young at all. It's quite different from the classic black colour so they won't look the same. When I am 64, hope someone gives me a bag like that!!
  4. I'm creeping up to that decade and I don't think it's a dated piece. So here's another thumbs up. You know your mom best and what she wears, her likes and dislikes probably better than anyone.
  5. I think it would be great on her! Actually, my mom just turned 62, and she loves the look of the les marais flap -and it's black, which is great for women of all ages. It's a gorgeous bag, and I'm sure she will love it. Let us know what happens! ;)
  6. I sent her pictures of the bag and she seemed to like. I remain confused about the tarnished dirty Chanel hardware... Is is supposed to be rugged Chanel?