Is the Batignolles Horizontal too big for shorties?

  1. I'm 5'2 (and a half!) - would the BH be too large for us short gals?
  2. I'm also 5' 2.5" and I carry it everyday!
  3. It's best to try it on at the store to see how it looks on you.
  4. Do you have any pics? thanks!!
  5. Are you asking "me" specifically (for pictures) or just forum members in general? Because I don't own the BH (and I wouldn't be the right height for this question to showcase it because I'm half an inch away from 5' 7").
  6. No I was asking SwankyMama! she's the same height so I thought she might have some pics!
  7. no way! i am only 4 feet 11 and when i tried it on at the LV store it looked fabulous. it might be my next lv bag!
  8. Really - it just looks so wide - but that is great news. I sent my Pop Haut back and was going to get a speedy 30 but now i'm leaning towards the BH
  9. I'm 5'2" and I love mine. I'll try to get hubby to post pics later today.
  10. that would be just great - thanks!
  11. NO, let me see if I can take one of myself . . .
    warning, I look like poo today!
  12. yes please and I'm sure you look just fine!
  13. K, here we go. . . .
  14. oooh - that looks great on you!! thanks :smile:
  15. de nada!