Is that your hair??

  1. Some people have no manners. I was standing in line yesterday about to order lunch when the woman in front of me turned around and said, "is that all your hair?" I looked at her smiled said "yes" and continued my conversation with my co-worker. I recently cut my hair short and bought a wig for a different look, its not a bad wig, or an obvious wig, and i've gotten quite a lot of comments on it, it looks pretty nice. I thought it was rather rude of this woman to turn and ask such a thing, I work in a hospital and you would think people would realize that some people wear wigs because all there hair may have fallen out from health issues, cancer, Alopecia, etc. If she thought it was nice she should have just said so, if its an obvious wig to her than she should say nothing. Why must people be so rude nowadays where are their manners? I wouldnt dare walk up to a stranger and ask, "is that all your hair" "is your bag real" "is your diamond real" how tacky :yucky:
  2. awful! some people can be really rude!
  3. ugh, that is extremely rude and tacky. some people have no class.
  4. I'm with you. How tacky! And you are right... people just seem to have no manners these days!

    I've been asked rude questions before, like "how much were those shoes?" by a total stranger. the nerve!
  5. I had cancer last year and I could always hear people snickering and whispering to eachother saying, "Is she wearing a wig?" It was extremely rude and made me feel even more uncomfortable than I already did. It got to the point where I didn't go into public much at all unless I had to. Some people have no respect for others and don't think before they open their mouth. Some days when it really got to me, I would turn around and say, "Yes, it's a wig. I have CANCER." That of course shut them up : )
  6. A little different but still rude: when I was pregnant, I was big. Like, HUGE. And I knew it- and I hated it. People would ask me all the time if I was having twins. Being huge, hormonal and wickedly cranky - I wanted to KILL them! It's NONE of your FREAKING business if I am having a HORSE.

    People would also ask how long OVER-due I was, when I was only about 6 months.

    Gahd, people are so miserably stupid, I could spit.

    I always tell pregnant women that they look absolutely gorgeous. It's the ONLY thing they want to hear. Then, I shut the hell up.

    BUT - The hair thing - was absolutely RUDE!!!

  7. *hugs* i'm so sorry to hear that you had to endure such a thing :censor: people who do things like that make me want to punch them!
  8. Thank you. It was a life changing experience, that's for sure. I was only 23 when I was diagnosed. It was tough but made me a stronger person in the end.
  9. I would of totally evil eyed her and asked how much her botched face lift cost..AND THAT U KNOW A GOOD LAWYER...rofl...............................
  10. A girl I knew in High school was in a car accident and had to have her legs operated on and couldn't walk right. She also gained a lot of weight due to not being able to exercise. She got to hear a lot of people make fun of her for walking wrong and being fat. And before you say high schoolers are cruel, we all knew about her accident. It was regular people, kids and adults, that would do it.

    People are cruel, and judgemental. It never ceases to amaze me how many judgemental people there are out there!
  11. OMG! that was so totally me! I had one baby, and i gained probably 70 pounds... I was huge! I was an 18 after I had her!!!!

    I completely relate... I wanted to kill people who made such in=sensitive comments to me too!!!
  12. As a stylist, I know the issues of cancer and so forth. It really gets my goat when I hear people make comments regarding wigs other's are wearing because as you've said, some people have horrible issues going on. Some of my most heartbreaking times are when I am forced to shave the head of a beloved client and work them either through their cancer or, God forbid, to the end!!!
    I would suggest if it looks a bit "wiggy" take it to your stylist who can cut it in for you. Most wigs contain way too much hair but can be easily textured by any experienced stylist. That way you won't feel so self conscious.

    I would have said to that lady, "Why no, it's a wig and then I would have ripped it off my head and handed it to her and said, 'wanna try it?'". You'd have embarrassed the HELL out of her!!!!!!!! haha
  13. I'm confused as to why this was moved to the Beauty Bar fom General Discussion. The issue is not really hair but rude people.
  14. This doesn't entirely relate....maybe it does. Anyhoo, I was on the other side of this once. I was shopping, and there was a woman with really long, gorgeous hair. I thought she would love a compliment (who doesn't?), so I went over to her and told her I thought her hair was gorgeous. She gave me a very nasty look and told me very angrily that it was a wig, and that she had cancer and that maybe I should stay out of other peoples business!:wtf:I was appalled. I have wondered since if maybe she jumped to the conclusion that I was mocking her, either that or she was simply a very bitter person.
  15. that's happened to me and i found it to be very rude. first of all not all women have extensions and women do grow out their natural hair! for others it just grows extremely quick and others not as much. people should think of what they say before saying it.