Is Suhali white a permanent?

  1. I intend to get one. What colour do you like?
  2. I imagine it to be a core colour of the suhali range but who knows if it is here to stay??? I adore the white:love:
  3. I think it´s permanent as long as they make Suhali.
  4. It should be permanent. The geranium and blue were not.
  5. black still available
    white still available
    blue is out (depends which store)
    geranium is out (depends which store)
    brown is the latest
    i think latest upcoming is grey like elephant colour
  6. it's my favorite color in the Suhali line :love:! i have the L'Epanoui GM in white, and the color makes the leather look so plush
  7. I think my favourite suhali piece was the gold l'aimable that came out a few holiday seasons ago.

    it was gorgeous! =)

    though in close second comes the geranium. =)
  8. also, when the line originally came out, there was a lovely eggplant colour as well.


  9. Yes, and it's soooo nice!
  10. Thank you, ladies. Your opinions are really appreciated.

    I'm still not sure which one I'm getting. Either the handheld bag in PM or the smallest studded bag. Sorry, I'm one of those who doesn't know name of bags!

    It's too mind boggling (both: name of bags and decisions) cos I'm travelling for 1.5 years (at least) starting mid this year and I'm not sure whether I should get a nice white bag which I will rarely use doing my travels or just get a durable bag like the Saumur. I was thinking of getting a long strap for my Speedy but it looked a bit odd with the handles kinda sticking out when I have the strap on.
  11. I hope white is here to stay. It is an easy going classic color! I wonder what the next temporary edition color will be.
  12. I'd think they'd keep both that and the black. The other colors are more temporary.
  13. I love white Suhahli! It's a shame plum and gernanium have gone the way of the carriage.
  14. the small 'studded bag' is l'aimable -- i just got my baby in black a couple weeks ago :biggrin:
  15. I should think so... I love the white!