Is reserving a bag different from being wait listed?

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  1. Hi ladies! I wanted to exchange my purse today for the infini lumineuse and unfortunately there were no stores near my area that had it. They said they would reserve it for me and it should be in the store in about a week. Is there a difference between reserving a bag and being put on a wait list? I remember when I was trying to find the pallas I asked a store to call me when it came in and no one called me. I'm worried the same thing will happen and that I'll miss out on exchanging my purse. What is your experience with reserving purses? Thanks in advance!
  2. Putting a purse on reserve is the same as putting it on hold...when the SA gets it in her store her/he will put it on hold (reserve for you) my SA has done this many times for me
  3. Thank you' The SA said it would be shipped from another store outside the state. Hoping I will get a call soon! I just wasn't sure if he meant if the purse comes in by chance or if it's reserved then another store will have to ship to my store
  4. I reserved for my black Lumi pm. The SA took my cc info and when it gets launch they put one on hold for me and my cc gets charged and I go pick it up. When I go pick it up of I don't like it they do a return immediately.

    Reserve is better then wait list. Reserve means you ordered it and When it comes in you are guaranteed one. Wait list they may or may not call you since so many people would be on list and limited bags
  5. I think it really depends on the SA. Mine said he didn't needed my cc and would make sure to call me ASAP.
  6. Thanks for your responses ladies! My SA wasn't there today and so the operations or accessories specialist was the one who put it on reserve for me. So I'm hoping when it comes in I will get the call ASAP! I have wanting the lumi infini for quite some time now. Was debating on waiting for the black one, but I really love the navy color. Crossing my fingers I'll be able to get a hold of one. There aren't many left.