is Pourpre still available in paris?

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  1. hi there, anyone lives in paris? i would like to know if the store still carries the Pourpre color? i wanted to get a twiggy or part time... many thanks!
  2. Hi, I live in Paris, I remember they still have Pourpre at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps ast week end. I saw a city RH, a first, a work. They probably have more
  3. thanks a lot, French 75. do you know if they have Pourpre for Part time or Twiggy style?
  4. Well I didn't see them in the store but it doesn't mean anything because most of the bags are stored in the room behind. They only expose a few of them but each time I've asked for a particular one, they had it. I think you should write them an email or call them. The phone numbers of each store are on
    Good luck ! I hope you'll find one, but I'm pretty sure you will :smile:
  5. I've emailed Fei at Balenciaga Geroge V Boutique yesterday and apparently there is a poupre city GGH available right now. here is the email address: But I don't know about the PT or twiggy. Maybe you can ask...