Is ottone on ossidato too much?

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  1. So I can't seem to forget about this little ottone phone pouch that I saw couple weeks ago at the boutique...I love the idea of it on my cabat but would the two metallics clash and get too over the top? Does anyone know which pouch I'm referring to? I can't seem to find a picture online...also anyone remember the price and what color colors it may come in? Thanks :flowers: Also I can't seem to picture it on my other bags it wise to get it just for the cabat?
  2. do you mean the cell phone pouch. it is open and has a clip. works perfectly with the cabat. i had one but it didn't work for me. i couldn't get my phone out quick enough. i think it was around 400 in nappa.
    i personally think you can't have too much ottone so i would say go for it.
    i think it would be great for other bags or to just grab alone for a quick errand.
  3. would you be clipping it to the outside of the cabat? if so, then yes, it's metallic overkill. but to own, and put in the inside of your cabat, would be great. :nuts:

    now I want one too, you people need to stop talking about these things I haven't heard of :P
  4. foxie-pooh, funny that you mention accessories because now that I've ordered some metallic bags, I need to figure out what wallets to use!? I just received a red croc wallet that I ordered months ago, but I think it clashes.
  5. Ain't that the truth! :nuts:
  6. red croc wallet???
  7. kopibaby, it was the long zip around one from the fall 2007 season but they never sent any to the US so I had to custom order one. I was a little annoyed that they put a 10% surcharge on the item, especially since I asked about it at the beginning of the fall 2007 season.
  8. That was the only piece of ottone they had in the 5th Ave. store .... and it doesn't fit a blackberry so no ottone for me (yet!)...