Is one big bag necessary?

  1. I have a large tote that is serving as a workbag. It's a nice Liz Claiborne with good storage in the pockets. However, lately I am finding I cannot keep it on my shoulders for very long, even when it isn't really full (wallet, daytimer, cosmetic case and phone).
    Do I really need a big bag for everything? I have my client files that I carry back and forth from home to studio and plus what I mentioned above. Even though I don't work from an office, I entertained the thought of a briefcase.
    At the same time, I don't want to carry too many things. Any suggestions?
    Thank you so much.
  2. Why not get a briefcase for work related stuff and a medium bag for everything else. If you go shopping or out for an evening you don't want a big tote to lug around too. I am mainly interested in medium to large bags now. 14-16 in length. Anything over 17 is too big. And I hate real high bags so I keep my height at around 9 or under.
  3. I seem to have different bags for different functions. i have a 'work bag' for my agenda, books, stethoscope etc on days I'm working then a smaller messenger bag for my essentials on other days, and a seperate 'nappy bag' for my kids stuff. I can't get on with a huge bag with a jumble of stuff in it! I don't want to carry stuff that I don't need. i agree with lexie, above get a briefcase or something similar for your work stuff then a seperate bag for your personal things.
  4. Well if you use the big bag often you might want to invest in another one.
    Mine are usually medium enough for everyday stuffs but I got several big ones too.
  5. i use big bags most of the time actually, i need to carry lot of things sometimes for my job, and i needed more than one great big bag to covered it :p

    my fave is balenciaga weekender
  6. Thanks you guys, all this was truly helpful. Now all I have to do is find a neat briefcase that doesn't look too boring. Aha, another reason to go shopping!
  7. I usually keep all my stuff in one big bag but keep my work stuff in a filofax or folders or some kind so that I can easily remove it and put it in my desk or car if I am going from work to somewhere else.

    Though I do see a lot of women who carry a work bag/briefcase and a small purse.
  8. I think it's nice to have a big bag. You can always keep a smaller bag inside for the essentials if you feel like getting lunch, shopping, etc.