Is my Dolce & Gabbana bag authentic??

  1. Can anyone check or tell whether if my Dolce & Gabbana bag authentic??

    Or.. where can I go for authentication??:confused1:

    And has anyone seen this bag sold anywhere before?

    Thank you all.
  2. No one knows :sad:
  3. Your pic that you attached is way too small, we also need to see pics of the inside heatstamp, serial number. Where did you buy it from?
  4. Thank you, qtpie4u34:smile:

    I will take some more pics during the day tomorrow.

    I bought it from *************.

    It has a tag, controlle card, D& G lining...
  5. I guess I can't mention the site, uh?

    It is eFxxxxHouse
  6. If you do a search, on this forum, for that site, you will see why the name has been censored. :yes:
  7. chloehandbags,

    Thank you.:smile:
  8. I can't seem to find a serial number. Here are the enlarge pics.
  9. If I am thinking of the correct site where you bought that bag....chances are you have a fake.
  10. It is the site that has been censored and has bad customer service for God sakes. They kept on stalling me. I wanted to exchange, and they tried to make me give out my credit card info again and order online :confused1: I went no where with BBB. What should I do now?? Help!! I paid over $400 for it.:crybaby:
  11. But but but... why did People magazine stated that they carry authentic items??
  12. As far as I know (I haven't ever bought from them), people mag is correct--they do carry authentic items. But, they were not very nice to someone on this forum who was dissatisfied with her purchase for other reasons. They seem to have customer service issues.
  13. I agree with Susan-eric. The site does sell authentic items, but their customer service is horrible from what I have gathered.
  14. ^^ I echo the two posters above me: authentic items, but lousy customer service. Don't panic about your bag being fake. Enjoy it. :smile:
  15. susan-eric, Michele, ArmCandyLuvr,

    Thank you all so much. Talk about their customer service, I was extremely furious of how they responded to me. :mad:

    Anyway, I took the bag to the Dolce & Gabbana store today, and none of them could recognize the bag. :sad: However, the lady did menton about the leather being funny. Oh, I was so sad because I spent over $400 of my husband's money on it. I really want to cry. I was thinking of contacting Dolce & Gabbana headquaters in Italy and see if they can recognize the bag.

    Thank you so much you all...