Is Multicolour Alam still available?

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  1. just checked with the local LV store wanting a price on Multicolour alma, and they said they haven't had Multi colour Alma for a long long time ! and I checked the LV website...can't seem to find Multi colour alma as well ? is it being discontinued ?!!
  2. The Black Alma Murakami was discontinued in 2003-2004.
  3. how about the white alma ? i remeber a friend purchased one in 2006....its such a shame they are discontinued....
  4. Has anyone seen a Murakami keepall? :sad: Mine got stolen from my apt in SF, while I was visiting a family friend in LA :sad:
  5. You are right. I am so glad I have one! GL finding one.
  6. eBay or Bonanza are your best bet.
  7. What? That's awful!!! Did you have roomies and one of their friends probably took it. That's why I'm very hesitant to get roomies - I'd have to put a lock on my bedroom door to keep everyone out...

  8. they are on ebay every so often. Yikes, I cant believe someone stole yours!