Is LV cheaper in Singapore/Japan?

  1. I'm traveling to Singapore and maybe Japan, is LV cheaper there?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. LV in Singapore is cheaper compare to Australia but Japan is one of the most expensive country to buy LV. In fact the Japanese buy LV in Australia like crazy eventhough we're not the cheapest.:smile: Might help if we know which country you're from:flowers:
  3. If you are comparing Singapore and Japan, Singapore is definitely cheaper, esp when you can claim tax refunds :smile: Loads of Japanese flock to Singapore to buy LVs!
  4. :yes:
  5. Agree with isadora.

    LV is cheaper in Singapore than in Japan. :yes:
    Here's how to claim refund in Sg. Have a good trip!!

    Goods & Services Tax
  6. LV is cheaper in Singapore than Japan.
  7. mind if you guys can tell how much damier or epi speedy in singapore?
  8. Damier speedy 25 and 30 are S$950 and S$990 respectively.
    Don't know about epi speedies.
  9. Epi Speedy 30 is S$1510 while MC Speedy 30 is S$2910. Price is inclusive of tax.
  10. Personal Opinion: LV Hilton or DFS Vuitton is :heart:
    LV Takashimaya :yucky:
  11. epi speedy 25 is S$1410, it think. :smile:
  12. Agreed!!! Another :heart: would be LV Raffles Hotel.

    LV Takashimaya :yucky: big time!
  13. LV is cheaper in Singapore than Japan. I got my Epi speedy 25 at S$1430 about 1 month plus back.
  14. Singapore is one of the cheaper places in Asia for LV, especially if you are going to get a tax rebate. LV in Japan and China are very expensive. I do recommend the LV at the Hilton hotel, the SA are very nice and friendly plus the store isn't as crowded as the others. And if you want to get your bags hot stamped, just to let those who are interested so that you can plan your time well, luggage tag takes 3 days and the rest like bags or wallets take about 7 days. Have a good trip!
  15. LV in singapore is definitely cheaper than Japan~