Is it true that Mainland US will not be getting the Damier Neverfull?!

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  1. My friend who waitlisted for a damier neverfull got a call from his SA that it will only be released in Hawaii and Japan. Is this true?
  2. I hear that the American market won't get it until next year. :tdown:
  3. I will truly be RIP sh*t with LV if they do that. I am sure there are many American customers on WLs... I hope not.
  4. it is being delayed til 2009. and what makes it worse is that hawaii stores are NOT allowed to do charge sends of any kind.

    i shop with a store on a different island and i can't even do a charge send. i have to be present at the store to purchase one.

    and i imagine the WL for them are super long already.
  5. I just talked to my SA and she said that the damier neverfull will be released in Japan/hawaii this year and the US mainland in 2009.
  6. wowoow... how abt in asia?:confused1: i am going to asia in aug for a month long holiday..
  7. What a bummer....:tdown:
  8. I cant believe how long this is taking...I want it in Azur so at this rate I might get it in 2021...sigh!
  9. i heard its only japan and hawaii also

    were not supposed to get it
  10. Yap, just checked with SA in Singapore, he mentioned only Japan will have it this year.....
  11. yup that's what i understand too. japan/hawaii before the rest of the world...
  12. That blows.. A lot of people have really been looking forward to those. :sad:
  13. okay. i just shouted out loud "piece of Sh*t"

    What the crap..

    *In pissed mood*
  14. ...patience is a virtue.
  15. The will be also released in Guam and Saipan in addition to Hawaii/Japan on May 16th