Is it true no commission for LV SAs?

  1. I have read on this forum that the SAs do not make commission, but that does seem realistic to me. Their compensation must be tied to sales in some way, I would think....

    Anyone know for sure? Dickies where are you?
  2. Laurence doesn't have internet access at the moment... :crybaby:
  3. I know..poor Laurence :sad:
    Anyway, I think they have sales goals to meet at each quarter or so.
  4. yup SAs get no commission. I think if you don't meet your targets you get fired :P I dont know...but ya there is no commission. They don't want catty-fighting over customer problems to arise !
  5. Yeah, I'm waiting for Laurence's pictures of the FP interior :crybaby:
  6. i believe they get a bonus if all the employees meet a common sales target or something.. not sure but that's what i heard somewhere.
  7. All I know is that they don't make commission, that's what my SA told me. He is the manager of the LV here.

    I'm guessing they have some sort of sales goals, but I really don't know how some of the SAs meet them as they won't even help anybody.
  8. SA in LV Boutiques don't get commission but the snotty NM LV SA do.
  9. Laurence PM'd me today from another PC, he is logging on whenever he can from another PC, I'm sure he will be on again soon, his cousin is fixing his PC so hopefully soon. (Fingers crossed!) :yes:
  10. My aunt worked at the LV counter at Holt Renfrew and they don't get commission there.
  11. I do not think that they work on commission. Also, an interesting note that an SA told me is that they generally ALL work full part timers. I am not sure if that is a company policy or just at the Scottsdale Fashion Square store though.
  12. They do not receive a commission. They have to meet sales goals and the entire store receives sort of a bonus dependent upon the goals met and that is then dolled out to staff. That is what I was told by a friend that worked for them for 2 years.
  13. Full-time? But I see different SAs on the weekends and on different days. Maybe it's not all LVs or maybe they prefer full-time employees?
  14. Hi guys!
    At the work computer.

    Yeah LV associates at boutiques and or lease space depts do not get comission.

    Most of you were correct - all our individual sales are combined to meet a goal for each quarter, and that is how we get our bonus!

  15. That sounds about right. Working on commission fosters a slithery, auto-salesman environment, which is totally unsuitable for LV. They probably do require that they reach a target sales number by the end of the day. When I worked retail at Victoria's Secret many, many moons ago, we worked on a sales-by-hour basis. We had to sell a certain dollar amount per hour or risk getting fired.