Is it true all MAC's don't have working front pocket

Jun 29, 2008
Behind the 'dogleash' h/w?? This has been confusing me.

I think some descriptions say it's only decorative.. then I read one says there is a zipper pocket behind. ??

Do you find you use that pocket if you have it? Sorry, trying to see if this should factor in deciding. Ugh... so bummed I missed past SO's

Thanks! You all are the best!!!!! :smile:


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Jul 15, 2007
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Yes this is true! The earlier versions of the MAC do not have a working zipper and pocket behind the dogleash and flap. The newer ones ones do.

I have both ones that do and do not have the zipper pocket. I don't use the pocket too much just because the dogleash clip is kind of annoying to deal with. But I'll put a pack of tissues or something in there. Stuff that I don't need constant access to but might need at times.


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Apr 19, 2007
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Is it true all MAC's don't have working front pocket

I believe the original MACs (in the beginning) did have a working front pocket, then there was a change to the design shortly after, probably to save money and cut back on production time, that made the pocket purely decorative. Ultimately customers expressed their love of the working front pocket and so it was brought back again.