Is it tough to find a Black SGH Work?

  1. Hey ladies,

    After lovingly carrying my Anthracite GGH Work, I'm now ready for a Black one in SGH. Are they pretty easy to find? Any recos regarding department stores? Neiman's, Barney's????

    Would love your thoughts...
  2. I just returned mine (still new) at Nordies in Sacramento, to get a city instead. It is the only one they have at this time.
  3. Just saw one online at Ann's Fabulous Finds, for $1500 :smile:
  4. just curious, do you like your GGH work or do you find it heavy? I've been wanting one but reading thru some of the threads about the GH I hear it can get rather heavy after carrying it? thanks, good luck on your search:tup:

    ps-I was going to say AFF too, its listed at $1500