?Is it too late for toile-season related

  1. This question is brought on by seeing the NYT picture of woman with Kelly in toile and ? in thread about courthouse steps. If you live north of say South Carolina and East of say Texas when is the end date for wearing a Toile bag? Also if you live in Calif. or Fla. does one only carry summery bags year round?
  2. I live in California and do not carry my toile/chamonix Trim in the Fall/Winter. In fact, I put it away last week for a long sleep. I am of the mindset that toile is for summer. Even though we could have a 90 degree day in Jan., I wouln't wear it.
  3. I'm in South Florida and carry my leather bags around in the fall :yes:

    I'm originally from NY, so maybe it's the NY in me or something (!) but I store my toile herbag bottom in the fall/winter months even though it's still 90+ degrees here!!!

  4. Yep, I'm a toile for spring/summer girl, too.....luckily I live where it is warm enough 9 months of the year.
  5. Thanks - that's what I thought - the rule isn't quite the same as white but I thought it was a little late to be carrying a toile kelly in the newspaper story on court house steps - it's almost Oct. 1. I put mine away also but I find the black herbag bottom good for fall.
  6. Slightly OT, but my SA told me there will be new Toile combos available for next year so if you're a Toile fan you may want to check w/your store about those. :flowers: