Is it smart

  1. I recently saw a ring setting I really liked in a local jewlery store for about 650. The stone in it was a smokey topaz. I was thinking of buying the ring and going to another jeweler and havinng the topaz removed and having a loose emerald I own put in it. I really like the setting, but would it be cheaper to have a setting made for my emerald? Also part of the reason, I like the ring is I want my emrald to be made into that shape.
  2. I would suggest that you take your emerald to the jeweler and ask him to do a similar setting to the one you like with your stone. if he agrees.
  3. ^ agreed. You could even take a photo of the ring you like and tell them you are considering buying it, but want to think it over, which you technically are doing at this point.

    ETA: Sorry, the photo thing would only apply if you go to a different jeweler for your setting.
  4. I think the same thing.
  5. I don't know - the times I've had jewelry made, it's been really expensive, and I haven't always been satisfied. If you found a setting you like, I would suggest using it.

    Also, be sure the jeweler you choose is experienced in working with emeralds. I had a jeweler crack one once.

    Would the jeweler who has the setting you like set your emerald for you?
  6. ITA with PP

  7. That's part of the reason I want to go to another jeweler is I don't how experienced the local one is. So, I don't want something, like cracking, to happen to the emerald. I've also heard people paying through the roof to have something made when it would have been cheaper if the piece there to be bought. :tdown:
  8. If at all possible, I'd probably have your emerald set by the jeweler who has the setting. He might even do the work in exchange for keeping his smoky topaz.

  9. i agree
  10. I would at least take your emerald to the jeweler with the setting. You need to make sure that it will actually fit the setting, or that it can be made to fit. There are some fittings that do not have any "jiggle" room for a mm or more.
  11. Yes, quite. Rather than buy the ring setting and find out it won't take the emerald, bring the emerald to the jeweler with the setting.

    I demolished my e-ring setting in a bad fall. I wanted to reset my diamond and ordered a setting. Unfortunately, I ordered a setting that was for .75 - 1.00ct... and guess what, when they measured my stone and it fell .04 (pts?) short!! :cursing: It was .71, too small for the setting! This other jeweler did a good job setting it, but you can tell, he had to do some bending with the prongs. I've had to live with it. Oh well.
  12. Thanks for the advice all. This weekend, I'm going to go down to the jewler with the setting and bring my emerald and see what happens.
  13. Oooooh, please keep us posted! We love pictures...