is it safe to pay with a money order?

  1. i'm interested in getting a bag from this seller who has stated that she only accepts money orders from international buyers and paypal payments from confirmed address buyers. as i'm an international buyer, there's no way i am able to get a confirmed address, only a verified one, and i'm in the process of getting my paypal account verified. is a verified address good enough for sellers, so that i can ask her to reconsider accepting payment from me via paypal?

    i'm not comfortable paying with a money order because i feel that after i send it, i doubt i'll ever see my money again if something goes wrong. and because it's not a small amount, i am even more anxious about it. am i right to think that?

    sorry if this has been discussed in a previous post. i tried looking for previous posts on this topic but couldn't find any. thanks a lot for your help in advance.
  2. i'm an int'l buyer and i ahve a verified add i think :p
    u just have to put the few digits appeared on ur CC bill on the PP fee listed on ur bill.

    and if she's a trusted seller, i would pay with wire transfer which i've done a couple of times.
  3. Where are you?

    I am in the UK and am a verified member when paying by paypal to the states. It may help us if you can tell where you are and where you are buying from

    As for Money order then I wouldnt go that route as there is no recourse on it should things go wrong (which hopefully they wouldn't but I wouldn't take the risk)

  4. ITA. I am in the UK, my paypal is verified to the address, there is no problem.

    I know I have a window pop up previously when paying for an item on eBay, to say that the seller will only accept payment from a buyer with an eBay account attached to a paypal one. It was a little odd. But, I just ignored it and paid and it went through and everything was fine.

    Hope you get what you want, in a safe way.
  5. I'm in Singapore and the seller is in the US. And I've just verified my Paypal account, waiting to get the 4-digit code to complete the verification. My eBay account is already linked to my Paypal one.

    I've never bought from this seller before but I've read her past feedback and she sounds fine. But still I don't think I should pay with a money order or wire transfer cos it's too risky for me. I've asked her if she'll accept a verified Paypal account already, still waiting for her reply. Oh well, hope this works out.
  6. HI Trevor

    Thats great news. Yes get that code and thats you done - no more hassles. I wouldnt be happy sending the money order either but she or he is prob just doing it as the only way to have a sale as if you sell to someone non verified there is no recourse through paypal if something goes wrong.

    Good luck on the purchase - be sure to keep us posted on what it is